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    Digital Inking Request

    Hello I have a small request to ask to any one who's interested :) . I recently received a sketch that I was hoping to touch up and ink, but for the love of me I can't seem to get clean crisp lines in photoshop (end up with jaggies :/). I was wondering if anyone would like to maybe ink it for me...
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    Dawn of War

    Just curious, anyone play Dawn of War online? Just looking for some people to possibly play against :) .
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    MySQL and stuff

    Hello, Ive been trying to set up MySQL, PHP, PHPMyAdmin, and Apache on my home computer for school and I've been having some technical issues, was wondering if anyone uses these. I've never used these before and I did ask my professor, but hes an adjunct and said to look it up. Ive tried every...
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    *tail wavies*

    Hi, my names Solaris. I've been on FA for some time and wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm generaly rather shy when meeting new people so this is a big step for me ^^. Little bit about me. I've been in the otherkin/dragon communities for a good number of years. I meet Myr way back at the...