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  1. anonfoxer

    Survey Follow up/Results - We're all pretty queer.

    Heya! A while back I posted a survey on the forums, a quick little look into furries to answer the question, are furries all really gay? Well, here are the results, 116 responses later. The answer to the big question? Well, we're almost all certainly queer. Lets break down the gender...
  2. anonfoxer

    read rule number 1

    rules of this thread 1. if you view this thread you must post an image before you click off. 2. keep it sfw obviously
  3. anonfoxer

    Survey - Orientation and furries in general

    Edit! This poll is done! Check out the results! Yay! I can't believe I never thought to post this here, but seeing how well another survey has done here, I'm excited to post it here! The stereotype of furries is that we are all...pretty gay. Like. Overwhelmingly gay. But I wanna see how true...
  4. anonfoxer

    Games that you played way too much, dropped, and have now come back to?

    Im curious because this is currently happening to me with StarCraft 2. I played for years, got good, realized my life was wasting away, put it down, and now have been slowly playing it a little more. and a little more. have any of you done this? i want to find new games to dump time into.
  5. anonfoxer

    Heavy bass furs?

    Anyone else out there a fan of some of the heavier sides of EDM? (Dubstep, tearout, etc etc)
  6. anonfoxer

    Post your current earworm!

    Catchy songs are annoying, but very fun, and I want more to get rid of my current earworm. Here's mine.
  7. anonfoxer

    What actually turned me off the most from current day console gaming

    I am a PC master race nerd, have been for a while. And while I originally switched to gaming onto computers because of 1. wide variety of game selection 2. vr support 3. upgradability 4. ez mod support I recently looked back and realized what I think is the biggest issue with console gaming...
  8. anonfoxer

    [Long Form RP][TransF4F][CLOSED]Sort of steampunk apocalypse type deal. (18+, Story Driven)

    Hello! Im looking for a one on one story driven roleplay, set in a universe where everything is very steam/cyberpunk ish, the world has fallen apart, and a government once democratic and fair has fallen into corruption and oppression as they mishandle every bit of the apocolypse, now leaving a...
  9. anonfoxer

    Rate the rig! :P

    Just gonna post specs, tell me your thoughts!| Before I start: I cheaped out on my mobo and CPU, should've gone team red, didn't, keeping this in mind for future builds. Specs: Intel Core i3-8100 @ 3.6 GHz Asus PRIME B360M-A mATX 8GB DDR4-2400 Memory Radeon RX 570 4GB Corsair 450W Fully...
  10. anonfoxer

    Console modders/homebrewers?

    How many more of you are out there? I know theres SOME of you! I've currently got: Modchipped PS1 Modchipped PS2 E3 Flashed PS3 Softmodded OGXbox Hacked Switch
  11. anonfoxer

    Hello to the FA forums.

    Heya. I'm Magic. I'm a trans girl who started HRT in May of 2020. I'm an arctic fox ghost thingy. I'm a punk and heavy bass musician, and a programmer. I've been a part of the fandom for going on 8 years. Always love what the fandom has to offer, and it will always remain magical to me <3
  12. anonfoxer

    [NSFW] 7 Gigs of organized yiff.

    This is an entire, OCD organized set of yiff. It will be updated at some point to have sharks and comics, but until then.... Enjoy! CLICK HERE - Mega link