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    New Here, Looking To Sell & Learn a Few Things (Commissions)

    SHOP CLOSED DUE TO COMPUTER ISSUES Intro: I'm new to drawing fursonas I recently have been drawing and they do come out fairly nice. I don't have them online yet. However I have been drawing anime characters for years and years and do have a Deviant Art. if you're patient I will eventually post...
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    Hey, you, with that tail! Yeah you! I'm doing CHEAP commissions!

    Hey, I'm Rinki And I'm looking to commission for some paypal moneys. I'm looking to work for about $3 at least. For my commissions depending on what you want. Prices are: Full Body: $5 per fursona Head Shot: $3 per head Chibi: $5 per Chibi Color: Extra $3 (I'm kinda new to photoshop. I...