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  1. Prynne

    I have found me!

    Hokay so Prynne represents the rougher part of me. And I was thinking today how I want a character for the better, more everyday me. And I just instantly came up with Chrysanthemum! She's an Aardwolf and I kind of love her lol. This is her badge I'm already working on.
  2. Prynne


    I'm totally new to all this so I'm kinda floating around YouTube. What I REALLY like so far is....badges! So I tried to do a quick one for Prynne. I do portraits pretty exclusively, so this was surprisingly challenging lol. It's obviously not done (my copics are among the junk I still haven't...
  3. Prynne


    I'm Laura, and the character I've made is Prynne, the Phoenix Dragon. I'll be honest, I have some mixed feelings about the whole furry thing based on stereotypes that were how I found out about the fandom...but I've been watching a lot of Pocari Roo videos and I love them lol. So I decided to...