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  1. bookfangeek

    Late 2018 Commission Prices

    Hello there! I've just recently revamped my commission prices so that they'll meet the $5 minimum for here, so here we go! If you're at all interested, either DM me on FurAffinity or leave a comment below with FA Username: Commission Type: Character Reference(s): Paypal Email: (For an invoice...
  2. bookfangeek

    Bookfangeek's Art Thread

    I feel like this is a thing some people do? Sooooo, here's a thread for the art that I make!! :D But first, some info about me! Name: Book Pronouns: She/her Art Program(s): Paint Tool Sai 2 and occasionally Clip Studio Social Media FurAffinity | Patreon | DeviantArt | YouTube | Twitter |...
  3. bookfangeek

    Illustration YCH Auction

    So! In order to practice backgrounds, I've decided to do weekly illustration YCHs in order to make the process a little more fun! Here is this week's! - I will draw human AND anthro! - I will NOT draw any sort of nudity! If you character doesn't wear clothes, but you can't see any genitals, I...
  4. bookfangeek

    Art Fight Art Dump!

    I made over 60 drawings for Art Fight this year and I'm finally getting around to making some compilations for them! More to be added later!
  5. bookfangeek

    [OPEN] Pride Month YCHs!

    I'd been meaning to make these for SO long! I'm glad I finally found some time to get the sketches done! All species are welcome! Though if you have a feral OC and would like a humanoid YCH, I will have to turn them anthro. And here's a chibi example because I realized there's no chibi on my...
  6. bookfangeek

    Just Some Recent Art

    Hi, my name is Book, I'm 19, and I just found a design for a fursona that I actually like! I just had to combine 2 existing designs to do it! XD They're ALL my fursona now.
  7. bookfangeek

    [CLOSED] I Need Commission Examples!

    Right off the bat, here's some art examples from me! Apparently I have no COLORED sketch examples. Hello!! Sooo, I have a bunch of commissions that I need examples for and, since I don't have many anthro or feral examples, I'd love to draw some characters for free as examples! Once I'm done...
  8. bookfangeek

    Open Commissions!

    Soooo... I finally got an email from my bank that my balance has fallen below $25 so I could really use some commissions. Fullbodies $7 +$1 for cell shading +$3 for soft shading +$3 for additional characters Chibis $5 All types of shading is free with a chibi! +$1.50 for additional characters...
  9. bookfangeek

    I Think My Fursona's a Fusion

    So... I was having trouble coming up with a design that I liked enough, and felt connected to enough, to represent myself so I asked my friends to throw species at me for designs prompts. Somewhere along the line, I came up with these two: Aren't they adorable? I love them. Problem is... I...
  10. bookfangeek

    Some Adoptable Auctions

    Iiiii don't know if I'm posting this in the right spot, hopefully I am, but I made a BUNCH of anthro designs while trying to design a fursona, so I'm selling the ones that didn't resonate with me! You can make a bid for them On my adoptable DeviantArt ORRR, if you don't have a DA On my...
  11. bookfangeek

    Looking for Artists to Watch!

    Hi!! I'm new to FA and I would love to watch some more people! Feel free to post links to your account with art examples! I'll definitely give your page a look!! :D I don't have much art on here yet, but this is mine, if you're interested!