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  1. Kyle Necronomicon

    Ability Boost?

    Anyone else notice this? Right after I watch a movie or lose myself in a universe other then the reality that's right in front of me for an elongated amount of time, I get like a super ability boost of sorts. What I mean by this is really: 1. Faster reflexes and easier to focus 2. Become...
  2. Kyle Necronomicon

    Erma Felna:EDF

    Erma Felna:EDF Hello I am relatively new here but I have found this comic book and am now going COMPLETELY BONKERS trying to find a way to read it, any way to read it is fine, I don't care but does anyone know anyway to READ this Comic?(and no saying well I have the whole series under my bed I'l...
  3. Kyle Necronomicon

    Aye,I do be new 'ere

    Does the sailing be smooth around these parts? Are there any merchant vessels heading out soon? Do the tavern's 'ere take gold doubloons? aye I would be glad fi these questions be answered for I do believe I may set up a crew here and captain a ship of the privateering sorts. =.)..o