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    Jerry Springer is giving furries a bad name !

    Jerry Springer used to be the mayor of Cincinnati. Never ever go there. (Actually, Springer's not too bad. He hates his own show.)
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    Any furs looking for a place to live?

    I wish I was 18... I'd be down there so fast it would make your head spin.
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    Little Things That Bug Us

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    End of the World

    It all adds up. 12/12/12. 36. or 1728. or 1/12. or -12.
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    Microsoft talks about retiring Windows and where to go from there

    Naah. Windows will remain. They'd probably just come up with a new name anyway. Microsoft Viking anyone?
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    'Coon' as shorthand for 'racoon'

    My grandfather grew up in the south in the Jim Crow era, so I know every slur there is... and even he doesn't use coon anymore.
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    Sampling in rap.

    That stupid song SOS is a total rip off of Soft Cell's Tainted Love.
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    Things in video games that annoy the @#%$ out of you.

    Falling through a whole in the middle of a map into a neverending abyss.
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    Re: TOY STORY vs. WALLACE & GROMIT: THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT: Which movie is bett Wallace and Gromit. That was way too easy.
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    Any of you guys musicians?

    I'm decent with a keyboard, and have just been fooling around with an electric bass lately.
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    Best video game bosses ever

    Agreed. And the final boss on Wolfenstien 3D, who is as near as I can tell is totally unbeatable.
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    How big is your anthro/furry/yiff folder?

    not nearly that big... abouy 6MB
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    Type "The cake is a lie" with your nose and your eyes closed!

    the daje is va bklie3 not too bad...
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    You know your a FurFag...

    You killed me with these three!
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    My dad's side is all Polish, my Mom's side is Hungarian/German/Englsih.
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    Rock me Gently, Rock me Slowly!

    I hate that commercial...
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    Gas-saving advice for y'all

    Buy a horse.
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    Do you like animals?

    no kidding... :D
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    Public Furry or Private Furry (in RL)?

    I know the feeling.