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  1. strophades

    cheap ych auction starting at $5!

    please take a look! image link is nsfw so click with caution! the rules for this auction as as follows: rules: bidding starts at $5 for each character no sniping auction ends next wednesday the 5th at 11:59 pm please reply to the previous bidder if combined bidding exceeds $45 i will fully...
  2. strophades

    taking a few requests

    distract me from studying pharmacology and make me feel less bad about things i can't control. post your refs and they better be cool or else (i'm going to pick who i draw). i did something like this a while ago and i got to work with some pretty different characters. samples in my gallery...
  3. strophades

    $3-$5 sketches

    just trying to get my mind off all the shit that's been happening to me lately, trying a therapeutic approach- commissions. (it's a lot more complex than just money for art, it's the reward of money after delivering something good and appreciated- it's complicated.) i can offer you something...
  4. strophades

    help me out of this art funk

    i'm art blocked!!! post with your characters and if i like them/am inspired i'll say my thanks by drawing you a picture. click my pawprint 4 examples xoxo i'm also looking for an icon for my fa account. if u wanna do some kinda art trade hmu..
  5. strophades

    Gift for a friend! :D

    hey! ;u; i'd like to offer my services if you like my art! i can do what you're looking for for $15 with a turnaround time of tonight or tomorrow night! click my pawprint for examples <3 thank you!~
  6. strophades

    What Are You Listening To?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWZc-8Bza9I&amp;feature=channel_video_title don't judge mi
  7. strophades

    Anyone willing to do art for me for some pre-'07 Gaiaonline special items?

    c_c i think 1 mil+ is fair for quality art. especially how much items cost, and especially since gaia gold is just game currency. then again, i wasn't on gaia until after this crazy inflation business. gl
  8. strophades

    LF: Something Cheap and Quick.

    i can do a 1200x1200 sketch page with simple colors for $15 <3 can be finished tonight or tomorrow evening. style would be like this; http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzve4vMBb91rnnyqeo1_500.png...
  9. strophades

    Anyone willing to do art for me for some pre-'07 Gaiaonline special items?

    isn't the value of gwee and momo only around 50kish? o^o;; why don't you just try the art forums on gaia?
  10. strophades

    looking for someone to make me a giant candy heart necklace

    it doesn't though :C but thank you for the link.
  11. strophades

    looking for someone to make me a giant candy heart necklace

    based off of my character candy's necklace: http://i40.tinypic.com/2nkht2.png (because i suck at this shit) woop. post examples of your clay work or whatever, whatever you'd make it out of. prices and etc. anything i might need to consider YOU to do this for me! :U thanks for looking ♥
  12. strophades

    selling 2 designs

    paypal only! please message me on FA if interested :3 buyer receives full 700x1200 picture
  13. strophades

    Traditional Realistic Equine and Feral Portraits

    ​Hello, I'm here representing my friend. She specializes in traditional realistic equine portraits, but can also draw other ferals as well. Below are a few samples of her portrait work. These are done traditionally, measure at 20 x 26 on cold pressed paper, are done in beautiful copic markers...
  14. strophades

    A small-but-irritating issue with Easy Paint Tool SAI

    are you on the right layer?