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    Resin mask keeps sliding down.. Help!

    Yeah, I'm really going to need to tutorial, I'm a very very new maker and I'm kinda lost on everything.. ^^'
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    Resin mask keeps sliding down.. Help!

    Thank you. I'll try that.
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    Resin mask keeps sliding down.. Help!

    I have an unhinged resin mask that's already furred. It's attatched to a hat and has an extra strap that goes around my head, too. When I open my mouth, the whole thing slides down. I don't think it's because of padding or anything because it fits very well until I open my mouth. Did I fur it...
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    other than drawing/fursuits what mediums do you do your anthro art?

    I show my anthro art in plushies.. Comparing this to people with their comics and flesh eating beetles, This is pretty boring.. XD
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    How did you come up with your furry name?

    I basically went "I'M 14 AND I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW I'M A GIRL" Then I misspelled RoseMary.
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    Eye lashes.

    With the auto-immune disease you're talking about, they don't have eyelashes. I know a guy with that thing..
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    are there any straight edge furs on this site?

    Incredibly straight edge. Never drank, smoked, sexed.. All by choice. :) Not an indulgent fur..
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    How many interested in the fandom own a suit?

    I have multiple suits.. ^^' It's the only part of the fandom I actually like..
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    Fursona species there should be more of, less of and none of in your opinion

    We need more REALISTIC stuff, I think. Like, every time I see a toony canine I die a little.. Realistic snakes need to appear more. More birds too. And.. guinea pigs. Only ever seen one guinea suit and that was my own.
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    Making Bubastis, How do I make a lynx? (Red line help, too?)

    I have almost nothing done.. I'm using a toony resin mask, but I want it to be at least semi realistic... I have never made a lynx or let alone a feline! :-0 I'm trying to make the Lynx from Watchmen (The comic, not the movie) And I hit a wall... These are The WIP shots... Any suggestions? (Can...
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    How long does it take you to make a fursuit head?

    It takes me about two days tops if I use resin, but four or five if I make it plushie or out of foam.. Mine are okay, nothing spectacular. I work maybe 8 hours a day..
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    Is there anyone who would buy a resin MOLD?

    http://t.facdn.net/9782599@400-1359239517.jpg I recently bought this from someone, have only pulled a single mask from it. Sadly, I am at a financial cross. I am unsure if I should sell this mold and mothermold.. I have redone that mask many times. With a little padding, it has been a cat, a...
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    Halts Head Furring Done (well close to it)

    Trim it a bit more, It's a very shaggy dog. ^^ Also: You don't look like you have much of a neck.. Is that just the picture? (The eyes are adorable, though. Nice freaking job, I'm jealous. :) )
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    Looking for a fursuit maker who can make a realistic partial?

    I would recommend quarrezel! Her work is breathtaking. http://qarrezel.deviantart.com/
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    Caught in Act, nothing new of cource (stupid Title...)

    Apparently, one year at AC there was a steel mill worker's convention that a friend of mine attended.. They, shockingly, seemed to have the same idea about the place. Id 60 year old tough old steel worker men can smile when a six foot tall beaver sits next to them in the lobby, I don't see why...
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    Looking for someone to make a RABBIT, FELINE, OR RODENT MOTHER MOLD for me

    :confused: I dearly am looking for on. And I am willing to pay up to 180$ on it. I'm no good at making bases, so this would be much easier.
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    Hi! :3 And Help...

    Hi, I guess..? -_____-
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    What was the strangest fursuit related thing that you've seen.

    I've never seen a girl in a male suit act innapropriately, actually.. I have a male sona, and when I'm in suit I don't run around humping things, so why do they think it's okay to be grop-y and sexual? And Female padding in general is such a sensitive thing to do.. Too much and it's...
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    What was the strangest fursuit related thing that you've seen.

    I know exactly what you mean. I saw a suit once where the breasts were so overstuffed and big that they looked like fur covered basketballs glued on the side of the body. Men who act like sluts with pillow-boobs need not take that into public.. -._-.