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  1. Pink.Kobold

    Free Art: MonsDay: I draw your 'Mon' requests (Pokemon, Digimon, D&D Monsters) [Closed until I catch up]

    Go ahead and post a 'Mon' you wish me to draw! Please no fusion or Fakemon or the like. I accept OCs that are a little different than the standard version but not like hybrids or anything. These are meant to be quick practice images, so don't complain if the quality or complexity differs from...
  2. Pink.Kobold

    Returning with a New Account

    Hello! I was on here a couple of years ago but I decided to make a new account on here and FA as well. I don't have much art to show currently as life has been busy (got married, opened two new stores for my company, and having a kid next month). But I'd love to be involved in the community...