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  1. Cutieno

    Australian Fursuit Makers?

    I'm looking for Australian fursuit makers that are in Australia, I'm after a toony suit maker :) Thank you an advanced.
  2. Cutieno

    Cutieno's Art/Commissions

    On this thread I'll be posting commissions I've made and random art I've done :) If you're interested in a commission check out my Furaffinity account: Cutieno Some of my recent Art:
  3. Cutieno

    Hello! I'm new!~

    Hello, I go by the online name Cutieno I'm a digital artist and make graphics for an rpg mmo. I guess I've always been a furry, ever since I was young I loved the idea of anthropomorphic animals and I've recently fully accepted it into my life, by telling my boyfriend about it and being more...