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    Who Here Can Draw Horses?

    Because I could use some sort of reference, just a head shot, to start with for my fursona. I'm a pretty simple looking anthro horse, with a white diamond on my forehead. Just thought I should throw out a request.
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    iTunes Help

    I just downloaded the new version of iTunes. It works fine, until I try to close out of it. Then it freezes. I have to open task manager to close it out. Is this a computer issue, an Apple issue, or am I doing something wrong? :confused:
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    Here we go...

    Name: John "Jack" O'Hare Species: Thoroughbred Horse Gender: Male Height: 5-10 D.O.B: November 22 1992 I might change his name...
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    *steps into the spotlight*

    Hello, everyone. I've decided to register here before joining Fur Affinity itself, seeing as the latter isn't working right now. Well, I'm a rather average-to small 15 year old hailing from Central Ohio. I love horses, and thus that is my fursona. Glad to be here.