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  1. slainte

    Wanting a NSFW sketch commission ~$30

    I'm looking to commission an artist to draw a nice NSFW sketch of my werewolf OC. What I'd like is an illustration of him in his human form with his knot. So I guess this is a kink-related thing? However, I'd like it to be tasteful, like a pin-up, I suppose. I've been cheated out of my money...
  2. slainte

    NSFW kink-friendly commission of my two OC's.

    Thank you all for your replies. I've chosen an artist, but for everyone who's replied, I've bookmarked this post and will come to you in the future for a commission. I regularly commission artists and I love supporting them and their work. You've all been very generous to offer your services :)
  3. slainte

    NSFW kink-friendly commission of my two OC's.

    I would like to hire an artist to draw my two male human OC's for a NSFW piece. It's hard for me to find artists who're alright with drawing kinks/fetishes that're open for commissions. My apologies for requesting two humans here, but I also know a lot of artists cross-post from Tumblr, DA, and...