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    Resin mask keeps sliding down.. Help!

    I have an unhinged resin mask that's already furred. It's attatched to a hat and has an extra strap that goes around my head, too. When I open my mouth, the whole thing slides down. I don't think it's because of padding or anything because it fits very well until I open my mouth. Did I fur it...
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    Making Bubastis, How do I make a lynx? (Red line help, too?)

    I have almost nothing done.. I'm using a toony resin mask, but I want it to be at least semi realistic... I have never made a lynx or let alone a feline! :-0 I'm trying to make the Lynx from Watchmen (The comic, not the movie) And I hit a wall... These are The WIP shots... Any suggestions? (Can...
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    Is there anyone who would buy a resin MOLD?

    http://t.facdn.net/9782599@400-1359239517.jpg I recently bought this from someone, have only pulled a single mask from it. Sadly, I am at a financial cross. I am unsure if I should sell this mold and mothermold.. I have redone that mask many times. With a little padding, it has been a cat, a...
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    Looking for someone to make a RABBIT, FELINE, OR RODENT MOTHER MOLD for me

    :confused: I dearly am looking for on. And I am willing to pay up to 180$ on it. I'm no good at making bases, so this would be much easier.
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    Is beast cub's work as good as the pics? If not, who does that good of suit work?

    As much as I fangirl over her, I realized that she's gotten alot of bad press lately. I dearly wish for someone to commission my guinea pig sona's mask. I saw her fully articulated mask and I want one.. But it's really expensive.. Is it really worth it?
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    What was the strangest fursuit related thing that you've seen.

    Mine was seeing a 14 year old girl dressed in a suit that she had made herself. (It was more impressive than mine.-.) .. It was.. It was weird to see a 14 year old otter with her mom.
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    I've never bought or sold, but this seems sketchy... Is this a scam???

    :confused: http://www.furbuy.com/images/users/Made4Hugging/monster.jpg This seems... Way too good to be true.. I don't have alot of cash to spare, so a scam is a little too much for me... :/
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    Okay.. To those who are furs, I need your help...

    This is embarrassing... I've gotten so obsessed with furry art and all of that nice stuff, but have been totally repressing myself about it.. Here's the thing.. How do I 'act' as a furry? I mean, when we're all in costume, how do I behave around others? I learned about skritching and furpiles a...