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  1. smolmuffin

    Recommended Fabric Type For Bird Suits?

    I apologize if this sounds like a silly question. Did check the rules and this seems fine so I figured that I ask. What type of fabric would you recommend for a bird suit? Specifically head, arm wings and the tail feathers? (Already planning on using leggings and a different shorter fabric for...
  2. smolmuffin

    Just created the 2nd version of my fursona, asking for feedback.

    About a year ago I drew up a simple yellow cat. I was happy with this but recently decided to do something different. I added bug wings and a antenna with a glowing bulb at the end. I was inspired by fireflies and the Phosphor type slimes from Slime Rancher. Not sure what color to use for the...
  3. smolmuffin

    Hello? I'm new here.

    Hi! Wow typing up a forum post really reminds me of my mspa (mspaintadventures) forum days... years ago hahah. Anyway I'm Smolmuffin and you can call me Smol or Dandelion. I've been interested in the furry community for a few years now but haven't really considered myself a part of it until...