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  1. fairytail

    [OPEN] Critter Adoptable Auction

    *link to fa* Rules ➜ Bid under the last bidder. ➜ Bid what you can afford. ➜ Don't hide your bidding. ➜ Don't drop your bid. ➜ Bid under the featured comment "bid here." ➜ Do not steal in any way ➜ Do not resell the design, however you can gift them or trade them or sell it for not more of what...
  2. fairytail

    25€ Chibi Paintings (4 slots open!)

    Hiya! I'm now accepting commissions for digital chibi-styled paintings! There are 4 slots available! ______________ I will draw -Humans -Anthros (no species restriction) -Ferals (no species restriction) -Montser -I'm also okay with a little nsfw or nudity I will not draw -Cubporn -SUPER...
  3. fairytail

    0 slots left (closed)

    hiya!! i still need some drawings i can use for my commission sheet i thought it'd be a nice opportunity to draw something for free?? ayy drop a link to your characters reference in the comments! i won't draw anything based on a description sorry! :c