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  1. _Inferno_X

    Hiring: [Closed] Have $35 for commissions

    I've got about $35 for a commission after an artist backed out so please post some examples and prices if you're interested. I'm looking for something with two characters, my own and my boyfriend's. We're open to both SFW and NSFW but want something cute and/or romantic. Cuddles, hugs, walks on...
  2. _Inferno_X

    Critique Request

    Recently I've developed a different style and I think (at least for a while) I'm starting to stick with it. I have a few pieces that I'll number for simplicity. Thanks, any comments/criticism/suggestions, no matter how harsh, are welcome! SFW www.furaffinity.net: For Pinepawss by InfernoX5515...
  3. _Inferno_X

    Request: 2 Cute Chars (Artistic License + Potential Art 4 U)

    I've got two pertty cuwte characters I'm trying to find some art for, one being my Inferno and the other being her mate, Kaleb. They can be feral, anthro, solo, or together. Whatever strikes your fancy. As stated in the title, you get complete artistic license. That's right, what you do is...
  4. _Inferno_X

    Looking for stories and Erotica

    So i'm looking for some stories and/or erotica of my character Inferno ^.^ I'm offering any sort of artwork for them. Please comment below if you're interested or PM me. Ill send you her ref and if neccessary nsfw ref. Thanks everyone and I apologize if this doesn't belong in this thread, I've...
  5. _Inferno_X

    Art Trade: NSFW for trades?

    I recently realized I have like no NSFW content of my sona Inferno, and I'd love some! :3 So, I'm looking to trade my art for anything digital really (stories, art, etc). I'm willing to do any sort of art on request. This includes NSFW, SFW, full bodies, almost anything. (This said, I want to...
  6. _Inferno_X

    Free Art: Free Icons [CLOSED]

    I'm thinking about starting payed commissions but right now only icons (I'll probably post more for YCH and other things if this goes decently). I'm doing 4 icons for free before I start trying commissions just for examples when I post it. I'm an advocate of unique species and do not want to do...
  7. _Inferno_X

    Free Art: Trying New Styles [Closed for now]

    I'm fairly new at drawing furries and am loving exploring different styles for drawing. I'm offering free art but I would prefer trades, no matter how good or bad. You don't have to be an artist to trade :) I'm not doing everyone, so please don't be hurt if I don't pick you. Art trades get...
  8. _Inferno_X

    Free Art: Chibi art anyone? (Anthros too)

    I'm bored and need something to do so if anyone wants free chibi art let me know. Here's what I need to know: Ref Props if any Pose if other than default Style Here's some examples of my sona. **EDIT: Doing anthros now too. Jet let me know and here's some examples:
  9. _Inferno_X

    Request: Draw My Fursona

    I'm new to the community and wondering if anyone would be willing to draw my female fursona Inferno. I don't have any art yet but here's my ref: I'm also interested in trading but I warn you: I'm not great and don't have much experience with drawing sonas