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  1. Julen

    Looking for RP!

    Open to suggestions
  2. Julen

    How do you deal with jet-lag?

    Well...i'm just wandering Barcelona's El Prat airport. it'll take about 40 minutes until my flight gate appears on the board so i thought about posting a new thread to FAF YAAAAAAAAAY! I'm taking a plane to Zurich and then one to Boston. So yeah, how do you guys deal with jet-lag? It isn't...
  3. Julen

    Any killing floor/killing floor 2 players?

    I've been playing kf and kf2 for a long time and i just wanted to see if someone out there wants to give it a go with me :3
  4. Julen

    Any positive feedback or constructive criticism?

    Well. I'm not really sure if I should post this here because it doesn't have much to do with the furry fandom and i'm not sure that gmod screenshots can be considered as art... Anyway, i'm a gmoder. I really enjoy posing characters and making scenes. I'm not sure if I'm good so if anyone else...
  5. Julen

    If someone close to you (family, friend) was about to become a zombie what would you do?

    idk i'm bored I would try to avoid all visual contact to make it less painful than what it already is and try to cover his/her face so i don't have to see that thing's face. And then, aim at his/her head, slowly close my eyes and pull the trigger.
  6. Julen

    Let's play! (PC)

    Hi! I'm ready to play, talk and have lots of fun! Here is my steam user: Steam Community :: the president of U.S.A . Before you add me as a friend, make sure that you've looked at the games that I frequently play to find any games in common. Get ready to have fun lad!;)
  7. Julen

    Hi, I'm new! (and very original)

    Hello guys! As you might have guessed by the name of the thread I'm new. Yay. I hope you guys don't mind my broken english, because I'm from Bilbao (Basque country, Spain) and my english is noooooooot that good, at least for now. I just want to meet people, make new friends and have a good time...