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  1. LazyFerret

    (SEARCHING) Pursuit of Love (1x1 Sol/Rom/Beastars)

    I am hoping to find someone who can play as Juno for me in a Beastars setting. I will be playing as my character Amber. The story will be set after the ending of season 1 (the only season we have so far), after Legoshi runs away from Juno in pursuit of Haru, leaving Juno, standing there at the...
  2. LazyFerret

    Looking to RP

    I'm looking to RP with someone, preferably with someone who is female (Transfemales included) or a femboy. I will be using my femboy Eevee character, Cinnamon Coffee. We can discuss ideas in PM/
  3. LazyFerret

    Hello everyone

    Well hi everyone, I'm not really sure what to put here.. Uhm, not really new to the furry fandom, as I've been a furry since bout 2014, and I suppose well I'm here to make new friends and maybe meet a cute girl..I dunno..