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  1. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone interested in drawing this fluffy little fox?

    Just looking for some cute artwork, nothing too specific, just be creative! I'd love to see what you come up with for them! Thank you! ♡
  2. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone wanna draw this in their style?

    Thought this would be neat, I'd love to see how you guys draw this!
  3. SakuraKitsune

    Art Trade: Anyone wanna art trade?

    My art isn't exactly the best but I'm still improving. Maybe this'll help get me to practice? Recent examples:
  4. SakuraKitsune

    Request: New OC! Anyone interested in drawing her?

    Just be creative and do as you will, I'd love to see how y'all draw my smol raccoon bab I am currently working on some possible info for her, but if you have questions about her you can ask I guess. ^^ Image for reference:
  5. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Haven't requested anythin' here in a while! Mayhaps some art of my ponysona? <3

    I don't mind you using your creativity, just keep the art safe for work and have fun drawin' her. ^^ I'd love to see how you draw Rainy! Feel free to ask questions if you wanna know some more about her, if that helps with the drawing for ideas.
  6. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Pony request! <3

    Alrighty, I'll add lil' references of her, if you have questions about her then feel free to ask. I don't mind if you draw her the way she is (feral) or if you choose to make her anthro, that's cool too as long as you keep it safe for work. Also she'd be wearing something probably like this...
  7. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone wanna draw my most recent character?

    She's a monkey as you can see, I'd love to see what you come up with! Her name is Bongo! She is very energetic, kind-hearted and outgoing! Mangoes are her favorite fruit, a little fun fact. She also loves to draw and paint, so maybe that'll help idk.
  8. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone up to drawing my old fursona? She needs some art.

    If you have any questions on her personality and stuff, feel free to ask! but otherwise I'd love to see what you draw for her, just be creative, but keep it cute and safe please.
  9. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Some art of my fox please

    If anyone's interested in drawing some cute art then hmu! ------------ Originally made her here: kemono maker⋈|Picrew
  10. SakuraKitsune

    Sketchbook: I DREW AN EEVEE! <3

    My first ever actual digital piece, hope y'all like it!
  11. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Maybe some art of my ponysona?

    It doesn't need to be a full-body image, it can just be a simple little icon of her. It can be feral or anthro, whichever you are better with, but keep it safe for work, please. ------------------- She's a very shy pony, she also loves being in the rain. -------------------- ~Reference~ ~Cutie...
  12. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Human OC art request!

    If possible if I could get some art of my wholesome lil sailor bab I'd really be happy and appreciate it! Keep it cute and safe!
  13. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Looking for art of my pony oc-

    Draw her as you will! she loves rainy weather and splashing in puddles, she's a shy lil one at first but she's very friendly once getting to know her better.
  14. SakuraKitsune

    Sketchbook: I was bored so I drew this

    Just a smug cat, he's here to laugh at your humiliation
  15. SakuraKitsune

    Art Trade: Gonna work on some art trades!

    Either message me or post on this thread if interested! Here's some examples of my work:
  16. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Strawberry fox bab fursona

    Feel free to draw 'em. He loves strawberries, pastel colors, sweets/desserts, and soft/comfy clothing. He is a silly lil guy. ---------- I made him on Gaia Online but I'd love to see how you'll draw him.
  17. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone here draw human characters?

    I'd really love to get art of my shy baby boy-
  18. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone here draw ponies?

    I have a pony I made but there's no art done of her yet, so I'd really love to see what can possibly be drawn of her! ^^ She is overall shy and socially awkward, but she's very social and silly with those she knows well!
  19. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Ponysona request art!

    Maybe someone can try drawing her? Nobody's made art of my character just yet.. So I think I should post her here in case anyone would be interested? I did join this forum because someone recommended it for me, I can't afford commissions so yeah--
  20. SakuraKitsune

    Request: I need help making a fursona-

    I already have the idea in mind, but I'd love to see how someone would draw her for me. Animal: Rabbit Gender:Female Appearance and colors: Pastel pink fur, mint-green nose, baby blue eyes, long and floppy ears, often wears flower crowns, loves wearing cute clothing such as sweaters or...