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  1. Mambi

    Funny pics for our avatars

    Here's a thread for posting funny pictures specifically aimed at other users. I got thie idea from this picture I stumbled across and am posting it for @Simo because it's like it was made for him! <giggle> Let's find others that are "made" for others too!
  2. Mambi

    Wandavision bad guy (possible spoilers)

    If anyone's been watching Wandavision, one of the big questions is "who's doing this" or "who's respnsible for Wanda's new abilities", depending on how you want to look at it. (SPOILERS) We know that she's controlling the area and it's all on her, and so far 5-6 episodes in a lot has been...
  3. Mambi

    Controlling a mindless Mambi (SFW/NSFW)

    I'm feeling in a bit of a playful submissive mood lately, so here's the scenario if anyone is interested in taking advantage of it, pun definitely intended! <giggles> Below I'll put a more descriptive opening, but here's the quick-summary of what I was thinking: You're walking through the woods...
  4. Mambi

    Party at Mambi's realm, all are invited!

    <with a shimmer, the air against the wall parts and splits, reality bending around the hole, and a sleek black cat with glowing eyes pokes his head pokes his head out the hole smiling and holding several dozen pieces of paper. He tosses the papers out scattering them to the ground as more...
  5. Mambi

    Fursona Pronunciation

    Hya, we know what your fursona looks like, we know what your fursona acts like, but we only heard your name if we met in person. But given the vast accents and languages, since many of us are only introduced by text online, here's a thought...what does your fursona's name sound like? I mean...
  6. Mambi

    Happy New Years!!!

    Since it's New Years at various (relative to me) times around the world, just wishing everyone an early Happy New Years!!! <hugs all around>
  7. Mambi

    Blessed Yule to all

    For those who celebrate it today, just wishing everyone a Blessed Yule, and hope the solstice brings you joy and happiness!
  8. Mambi

    Zootopia TV series coming in 2022 (Disney+)

    Just stumbled across this and looking nice! https://furrytimes.net/2020/12/11/its-official-zootopia-series-coming-2022/ Can't wait to see how they do with it! Hope the animation's even HALF as good as the movie! LOTS of potential in that world...
  9. Mambi

    Orangina furry commercials

    I normally hate commercials, but stumbled across these ones (sorry if this is old news), and if you ignore the "trying to sell this drink" crap, the commercials are VERY furry and pretty cool actually. (my favourite, naturally <smile>) (a collage of a bunch of 'em)
  10. Mambi

    Feline soul AMA

    I thought I'd do something I might regret, but seems like it could be fun. As many of you know already, I believe myself to have a feline soul. To quote a necro-thread (and save me some typing): https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/your-opinion-on-therians-otherkin.1663888/#post-6618044 , my...
  11. Mambi

    Halloween Furry Blending In!

    Ahhh, Halloween (aka Samhain), the best time to dress up and go out into the world as a furry... ...because everyone assumes the costume's for the holiday and just for ONE day at least, you look perfectly normal and nobody gives you a hard time at all!!! So enjoy it! Take advantage of it...
  12. Mambi

    Fursuits vs ears/tail, terminology.

    I think this belongs here, but if wrong, sorry. <bush> I'm a furry who loves to wear my ears and tail and fangs. But I don't wear a fursuit...nothing against them at all of course, just preference and being "me". <giggle> BUT, when I tell people I am a "furry" (which I totally am in every...
  13. Mambi

    Giant cat carved into Nazca Line

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/giant-cat-nazca-1.5769024 Peruvian archaeologists have uncovered a 37-metre-long (120-foot-long) cat etching in a little-explored area of the country's celebrated Nazca Lines UNESCO heritage site which is home to hundreds of gigantic geoglyphs dating back more...
  14. Mambi

    RP Battle: Mambo vs Mambi

    <from a shimmering portal in the middle of the Antarctic, a sleek black cat emerges and makes an announcement> Attention penguins and all who watch the multiverse...let the games begin! <a few seals and penguins clap> On one side...we have the portal casting cat of chaos...me, Mambi! <a...
  15. Mambi

    Furry Tarot Cards

    I was curious if anyone has any pics or links to good illustrated furry tarot cards? Not just some decks that have like "the cat card" or "the wolf card" but more the actual tarot arcanas illustrated, just animorphic and preferably awesome looking? <laugh>
  16. Mambi

    AMA, becasue why not?

    <the cat smiles and props his head in his paws comfortably laying on the grass> Well, this could be fun so I thought I'd offer as well, so if anyone wants to hear a crazy Canadian cat's POV on pretty much anything, feel free to ask! I'm pretty much an open book, so as long as it follows the...
  17. Mambi

    Furry Fight Club (the bare-claw club)

    <a shimmering portal forms in the air, and a sleek black cat emerges and addresses the masses> Attention those who enjoy the manic action of the Furry Fight Club (forums.furaffinity.net: FURRY FIGHT CLUB! [ooc] , I have a fun proposal as a side-edition to this. I call it the Furry Fight Club...
  18. Mambi

    Looking for NON-DISCORD RP

    <the air shimmers and parts, and from the hole a sleek black cat emerged and lands with a playful hop. As the glow fades from his eyes, the portal closes and vanishes as he speaks> Hya, Mambi here, the portal-casting cat of chaos. <he smiles and bows> I'm looking for some RP fun and chat with...
  19. Mambi

    Directx12, anything aside from speed to offer?

    Hya, I just got a new graphics card yesterday (<EXCITED SQUEE!!!> Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 super, 6GB DDR6 memory, very nice!!! https://www.techradar.com/reviews/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1660-super ) and it works perfectly. Everything I throw at it is easily maxing out at 60FPS which is perfect for me...
  20. Mambi

    Monosuki vs Mambi

    <the clouds are sparse atop the mountain, a cliff-side drop a ways away with a mountainside on the other...a beautiful waterfall in the distance. A shimmering hole appears in the air and the black cat of chaos emerges from it with glowing eyes and a wicked grin. The glow fades as the portal...