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  1. Stratelier

    Main Site Consecutive mainsite searching is broken

    I've noticed this on a few occasions and it turns out there's a peculiar pattern. Try the following: 1 - On FA's mainsite Search, type in any popular search query and note the results start with "1 - 48 of (number)". 2 - Without leaving the page, change the query to something else and search...
  2. Stratelier

    Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    Okay, the official teaser trailer for Star Wars 9 has dropped -- look it up. There have been many rumors floating around about what it will do (especially in comparison to the controversies around SW8) and how it will end the trilogy (and by extension, the trilogy of trilogies), but rumors are...
  3. Stratelier

    Quick ratings critique...?

    I'm currently writing a story for Nanowrimo 2017, but I have this one chapter I don't like because it steps outside my usual content limits. However, simply deleting it is not an option (I need it for the total wordcount!) and it does segue very nicely into the next chapter... Source text here...
  4. Stratelier

    FA Search - sort by date (ascending) not working?

    I did a quick search for "vernid" sorted by newest (date + descending), then reversed the search to sort by oldest (date + ascending) but the first 3-4 rows of the search results are still the newest submissions (as recent as 15 minutes prior to search) before it actually lists oldest...
  5. Stratelier

    Nintendo Switch (NX)

    It's officially revealed! The rumored NX is now the "Nintendo Switch". Mind. Blown? What do you guys think of it?
  6. Stratelier

    Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Approximately one month left and counting . . . . And just yesterday a demo was made available in the Nintendo eShop. Thoughts? Who's been following the news?
  7. Stratelier

    The Annual E3 Thread

    So it's happening this week. Who follows it? I've heard only a few tidbits of news, myself (e.g. Nintendo will be showing Zelda U and Pokemon Sun/Moon at least), so I'm actually kind of in the dark overall. What about you?
  8. Stratelier

    Pokemon Mega Evolution - Mix & match?

    Just tossing a quick idea out into the ether . . . we know that 6th gen Pokemon series introduced Mega Evolution where fully-evolved Pokemon can transform into even more powerful forms using a Mega Stone particular to their individual species ... What would happen if you could mix and match...
  9. Stratelier

    Bored Games

    That's not a typo. I mean, literally, games you play when you're bored. Like Solitaire or Minesweeper bored. What's yours? Mine seem to be Spider Solitaire (four suits) and Reversi.
  10. Stratelier

    Gangnam style?

    You guys probably already heard about some music video by a Korean artist that apparently went viral on YouTube, right? (I'm always late to those kinds of parties.) Anyway, after hearing the tune on Dancing With The Stars (when the contestants performed a group dance) and on a morning talk...
  11. Stratelier

    I know that dog ... I think?

    I was wandering through our county's annual Fair today when I spotted this drawing hanging in the art department: I could swear I've seen this cute canine character before (yes it does have a lot of resemblance to wolf Link, but I'm not assuming that yet), but does anyone know whose and where?
  12. Stratelier

    Bug/Site Problem: 10 + 6 = 15? I think not.

    Minor bug is minor, but also still bug. I happen to have one submission notice lingering around in my Inbox because I haven't had the time to check it out yet (and it's not something I'd just dismiss more or less on sight). The submission is dated April 10, 6:58 AM (in Pacific time), or as FA...
  13. Stratelier

    Bug/Site Problem: Description mouseover behavior changed?

    The change in thumbnail style has also created some slight changes in how the description mouseovers work. Previously, if you browsed FA on a touch-screen browser, you could click on the description icons and it would simply pop up the description. (Touch-screen browsers don't always have the...
  14. Stratelier

    Need a quickie

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7315080/ This fox's general pose is not going to be changing, but there are certainly a few snarls to be worked out before I start inking. Like those paws. Got any advice? If you have time to even offer a redline or two, thanks in advance. ;) (can't sleep, :)...
  15. Stratelier

    Got feathers?

    Opening the proverbial floodgates for gryphons. I don't want to bog people down with a slew of obtuse "rules" (they're more like "guidelines" anyway), so if you want to just TLDR the rest of this post and toss me a visual ref to your gryph-sona you can feel free to do just that (at your own...
  16. Stratelier

    Was it a dream?

    "It was just a dream ... or was it?" What kind of mental image does this paint to you...? Draw.
  17. Stratelier

    Clip my wings.

    Got to kick the rusty old artist's block some time, so ... what do you say of this gryphon? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5807539/ I haven't drawn a reclining gryphon in ages, but this guy absolutely refused to stand up proud like I was hoping he would. Oh well, sitting down is kinda nice...
  18. Stratelier

    Feed the Muse

    I get bored easily on my days off. Got any ideas for my muses? First-inspired-first-serve, of course, because my muses are picky creatures. Still, if any one of them takes a liking to it, it'll be done. I want to try little ideas that I can get completed quickly, things that you can describe...
  19. Stratelier

    A pondering...

    One of the stories I'm working on as a personal project involves Pokémon, but I need to make a few decisions regarding character backstories as I go along. Among them is one character who is conveniently an orphan [tm]. The question deals with his backstory. Just for the record he's a...
  20. Stratelier

    Why don't more movies do this....

    So the Special Edition of Avatar is out on DVD, and among the extra features they highlight on the back is a "Family Audio Track" with most of the profanity removed. I actually haven't seen the film, so first off I'm curious how they did it. Bleep, silence, or dub? And why don't more...