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  1. HeartAngel

    Been meaning to check back in for a while-

    Hiya! welcome back to the forums! Everyone here is really friendly!
  2. HeartAngel

    Would you rather-

    All my secrets! I don't have that many and honestly they aren't that bad pfft Would you rather have a sentient robot companion, or the ability to stop time for 3 minutes (though it needs a 24 hours to recharge)
  3. HeartAngel

    Been AWOL for over five years...

    Welcome back!! What sort of anime/games do you enjoy?
  4. HeartAngel

    Hello there

    Hi there! Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  5. HeartAngel

    I love your icon! It's super cute!!!

    I love your icon! It's super cute!!!
  6. HeartAngel

    Casual Art Server (18+)

    I’ve updated the link, thanks for letting me know!!
  7. HeartAngel

    Casual Art Server (18+)

    Hey there! Some pals and I got together and made a server for casual chatting centered around artists! Every skill level is welcome, we even have channels for help/critique and WIPs, there is an optional nsfw section as well - if you'd prefer ;3. We're hoping to create a small group of great...
  8. HeartAngel

    am here

    Hello! Welcome to the forums! Always nice to meet another nonbinary person! Hope you enjoy your stay~
  9. HeartAngel

    Lf: Art buddies

    Hi there!! I've been wanting an art buddy for ages! I have trouble staying motivated to draw because i don't upload stuff online right now - so having someone to chat about art with would be amazing! Currently I'm mostly drawing human/kemonomimi art but I've been wanting to branch out for a...
  10. HeartAngel

    Hi there!

    Hi there!
  11. HeartAngel

    Thanks for the follow!! Your suit is adorable!!

    Thanks for the follow!! Your suit is adorable!!
  12. HeartAngel

    Hello everyone

    Hello! Welcome! Great to hear you're doing better now - I hope you enjoy your return!
  13. HeartAngel

    Darko here!

    Hi!! Welcome!! I'm a winged dog, which is kinda similar
  14. HeartAngel

    Request: New OC! Anyone interested in drawing her?

    I’m glad!!! She was super fun to draw~
  15. HeartAngel

    Request: New OC! Anyone interested in drawing her?

    I hope the colors are ok!!
  16. HeartAngel

    Does your fursona have tattoos?

    Does your sona have tattoos? Are they the same as yours in real life, or tattoos that you'd like to get? Maybe they're just pretty art! Either way, show me/tell me about them!! :D
  17. HeartAngel

    Never got to introduce myself !! Im---

    Welcome!! Your intro and replies just radiate positivity, I love it!!!
  18. HeartAngel

    Hello! New fur artist/author!

    Hey there! Welcome to the fandom, your FA is looking awesome so far! I'd also like to try making a fursuit in the future! Hope you enjoy the fandom!
  19. HeartAngel

    Taking some requests!

    Hi there! I'd like to get some experience under my belt so that I can take on commissions. I'll be doing a couple requests, any species is ok! SFW and full color references preferred! Anthro and feral are both ok! Trades are also welcome! Edit: I've started doing a few, I may take a little...
  20. HeartAngel

    I don't recognize the name, no

    I don't recognize the name, no