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  1. HeartAngel

    Casual Art Server (18+)

    Hey there! Some pals and I got together and made a server for casual chatting centered around artists! Every skill level is welcome, we even have channels for help/critique and WIPs, there is an optional nsfw section as well - if you'd prefer ;3. We're hoping to create a small group of great...
  2. HeartAngel

    Does your fursona have tattoos?

    Does your sona have tattoos? Are they the same as yours in real life, or tattoos that you'd like to get? Maybe they're just pretty art! Either way, show me/tell me about them!! :D
  3. HeartAngel

    Taking some requests!

    Hi there! I'd like to get some experience under my belt so that I can take on commissions. I'll be doing a couple requests, any species is ok! SFW and full color references preferred! Anthro and feral are both ok! Trades are also welcome! Edit: I've started doing a few, I may take a little...
  4. HeartAngel

    Looking for casual RP partner/s!!

    Hi there! I'm super new to the fandom but I'd love to build a world with someone! I haven't really rp'd before but I have no trouble writing paragraphs, because I used to write fanfiction! I'm mostly looking for something I can do casually, so that it doesn't matter if I leave for a few minutes...
  5. HeartAngel


    Hello! I'm Peach, nice to meet you~ I'm 20 but I've only just joined the fandom this week - I've known about it for a while but mostly from misconceptions so I'd never engaged with anyone in it. I love the art and creativity, it was watching fursuiters on tiktok, and falling down a youtube...