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  1. Ziggy Schlacht

    Style Comparison/Critique

    I vary between 4 different styles in my art. Looking to get some opinions on which comes off that most interesting. And feedback in general.
  2. Ziggy Schlacht

    Smooth Linework

    I see lots of art with perfectly smooth and clean linework. Yet mine tends to be shakier and not have the same steady flow as other folks. I imagine I'm missing a step in the post processing of the linework, so I'm asking here. What tips do folks have to get clean, smooth lines in drawings...
  3. Ziggy Schlacht

    Post your Pride Art

    It's been most of June, so y'all have had time to put together whatever pride themed art you did. Post it here. Post someone else's (with credit) here. And I'll start
  4. Ziggy Schlacht

    Species and Orientation

    Is there an unwritten rule that certain species tend to be gay? Like a male fox or bunny fursona. Or am I just totally full of it?
  5. Ziggy Schlacht

    A weird trend I've noticed

    I saw a post some time ago that indicated that the majority of furries are straight. I don't remember the exact break down, and it certainly didn't mirror general society, but it also didn't match what I'd expect. Because while the majority may be straight, the majority of the art I see is...
  6. Ziggy Schlacht

    So this is a thing

    Guess I should probably say hello. If you ever have questions on arms/armor from the medieval period through now, I can ramble endlessly. It's kinda my thing and I do regular demos regarding them.