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  1. RadarTheBat

    I am autistic.

    ..that's it. After talking with a friend, finding help online, and surprisingly enough finding out that self diagnosis is okay (as long as you seek official diagnosis when you can), I am now starting to be more comfortable with the label. I am autistic.
  2. RadarTheBat

    Sketchbook: Some wholesome art I got!

    While you're here reading.. you can find me at Radar#0541 on discord, and @Radar_BatBoy on telegram. Just me 'n my stompers taking a nap. The signature is in the corner. The artist is an ex friend and the reason we split kinda makes me not want to link their art pages. So I will not. Research...
  3. RadarTheBat

    Anyone wanna talk?

    Like.. that's it. Just t a l k. Through here, telegram, or discord. In any way. I just desire conversation. Wah.
  4. RadarTheBat

    How do I put myself out there?

    This message applies to anything really. Furry dating, being contacted, getting friends. Anything. In general I want to be more involved with the community with enough agency to avoid the... loveless erp crazed hypersexual idiotic parts of it.
  5. RadarTheBat

    Vent. For suiters who

    act like their time is oh so precious and they're just too good to talk to anyone without a suit, fuck you. If your only contribution to a community is parasocial you aren't part of a community. Period. You are the old farts who make ads for apps and try to relate on the most basic level. You're...
  6. RadarTheBat

    Request: Would anyone be up for drawing this batty?

    Here's my bratty batty Credits!! https://twitter.com/ZzySnaa?s=09 twitter.com/jyanfuru
  7. RadarTheBat

    Looking for discord users.

    I just wanna talk to people. Radar#0541 is mine.
  8. RadarTheBat

    Any bat communities?

    I'd love to find more bats.
  9. RadarTheBat

    Looking for bats.

    +1 if you use discord. I just want people to talk to. On discord.
  10. RadarTheBat

    There is no thread. Read me a bedtime story.

    I sleepy.
  11. RadarTheBat

    Looking for a group to get back into rp with.

    I'd heavily prefer if the rp is fantastical and new, but one grounded in reality somewhat is something I would also like. I like the 5 man band trope seen in cartoons and whatnot. Hence my preference for a group. But if anyone would like a one on one, that's fine too. Of course, sfw only...
  12. RadarTheBat

    Breaking News: All crimes are legal for a week. What is the first thing your sona does?

    Ray would likely steal candy like the basic sugar addicted bitch he is.
  13. RadarTheBat

    Are there any Maryland furs here?

    Maryland is kinda barren when it comes to furries it seems. So, here I am trying to find some. If anyone is in any MD fur discord or telegram groups I'd love to be invited!
  14. RadarTheBat

    Hello, world.

    I'm Radar. I am new to these forums, and forums as a whole actually. I do hope that this site treats me well. It is nice to be here, I think. I'm unsure if it is against the rules, but my discord is Radar#0541, if anyone would like to talk. If anyone finds this months from now, it may be...