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  1. JuniperW

    Need a huge furry hug...

    Hope everything is okay c:
  2. JuniperW

    Drake Meme With My Fursona

  3. JuniperW

    Species Desirability: Physical Verses Cultural Attractiveness

    I just think birbs are cool.
  4. JuniperW

    Better half of the lion king?

    Had to choose the first half for the iconic stampede scene. I remember first watching TLK on VHS years ago. I don't think I could understand half of what anyone was saying, since it was the German dub.
  5. JuniperW

    So many femboys -.-

    This thread started about a month before I started high school, and by now I've graduated (albeit unceremoniously, due to COVID) God damn it, I feel old! :p
  6. JuniperW

    Digimon VS Pokémon

    I have never played a Digimon game, but have played most generations of Pokemon apart from II & III, and loved them all. I’ve seen both the Digimon and Pokemon anime, but honestly I prefer the former. By now I’ve gotten tired of Ash. Can we just have a Pokemon anime with a different...
  7. JuniperW

    I can't drive a car

    Same. I find it very hard to concentrate/focus on certain things, and driving a car would be no exception. My biggest worry is getting into any accidents, since I wouldn’t want myself or anyone else to wind up severely injured or dead.
  8. JuniperW

    Notepad: Stories untold in the fandom?

    I’m quite a big fan of sci-fi plots, and I daresay I don’t see many of them within the fandom. That’s not to say there aren’t any, just that other genres seem to be much more common. I would love to see some more westerns, too. I’ve got one of them planned out myself (it’s not a furry one though).
  9. JuniperW

    Show me your art!

    Just discovered a new style I love working in :D
  10. JuniperW

    My comic! (I’d like to have your thoughts)

    Wow!! It's amazing! I really love the art style and plot so far!
  11. JuniperW

    Artists of Fur Affinity: what motivates you, specifically?

    Okay, for real this time. I’m primarily an author, though I do draw things sometimes. First and foremost, I make the kind of content that I would like to see myself (unless it’s a commission.) It’s hard to get noticed as a writer who’s not into ahem, niche subjects, but really, what matters to...
  12. JuniperW

    Artists of Fur Affinity: what motivates you, specifically?

    Listening to DragonForce at full volume.
  13. JuniperW

    Anime/Manga/Weeb talk

    Not gonna spoil anything, though I will say that if you like part 1, you'll LOVE part two!
  14. JuniperW

    Post cute images of your fursona's species!

    Birds of prey are meant to be strong and intimidating, but when you view them from the front, they look like complete doofuses.
  15. JuniperW

    Breaking News: All crimes are legal for a week. What is the first thing your sona does?

    She'd find the person who thought this whole Purge thing was a good idea in the first place and give them a good talking to - by which I mean they'd probably be on the receiving end of her talons.
  16. JuniperW

    Cool, but why did you make a profile for your business on a...furry forum?

    Cool, but why did you make a profile for your business on a...furry forum?
  17. JuniperW

    Furry Haters

    It’s the age-old “woah, this person did a bad thing, so everyone like them must also be bad!!” philosophy that seems to affect pretty much any fandom that becomes substantially popular.
  18. JuniperW

    What browser do you use

    Chrome or Safari. Depends on if I'm using my computer or phone/iPad.