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  1. RollerRobert

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Full colour + shading! Micro/Macro Vore NSFW Auction (SB 20, MI 5, AB 120)

    Read post here for more info: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40708803/ Ending soon, come along for your chance to get two of your characters having some fun, or yours and one of mine if you so wish! Feel free to ask any questions~
  2. RollerRobert

    Free Art: I'll draw NSFW my boy with your boy/s (insert eyes emoji here)

    first things first: no minors! I'm an adult and I do not consent to minors on this thread. second: wdym I stole this from Ringebell haha no I did not <3 (/s) I'm looking to practice different kinks and just have some fun! no guarantees as always I wanna draw my boy Hope (NSFW ref) (little...
  3. RollerRobert

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Big Cat Adopts! ($8-$10 USD)

    first little batch of adopts, on my own base! these are first come first serve and paypal only ^^ you'll get the full-res file upon purchase. you can choose any gender for them, and change minor details 1. $8 open 2. $10 open 3. $10 open for an extra $20 I'll draw another fullbody for you...
  4. RollerRobert

    (Base/YCH) Selling: NSFW Comic YCH - Collar ($45+)

    All info here! Selling a Comic Collaring YCH with two slots per character! (4 slots total) $45 for dominant character $65 for submissive character $100 for both $180 for all slots (entire YCH twice!) Check it out! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40149698/ (NSFW)
  5. RollerRobert

    Free Art: mission: draw some creatures (sfw and nsfw)

    hello!! give me your creatures!! especially fluffy ones.... (there's only so much I can draw my own characters before I go a little loopy) I won't get round to everyone and there's no guarantee on what I'll draw, as is always with free art. be nice, be respectful, and give me only the best...
  6. RollerRobert

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) $15+ (sfw + nsfw) Roller's Commission Reopening!

    English / русский Welcome to Roller's commissions! Information can be found here! My FA page Art examples: Interested? Note me, comment here, or email (listed in trello board)! Thank you for considering my art ^^
  7. RollerRobert

    Free Art: are you new to the fandom?

    !! this thread is for those who don't have any art of their fursona yet !! (like, you could lie to get free art, but that's not cool okay >:[ there's other threads for that) leave me a description of your character and I'll try to do you a sketch or something c: (as with any free art, no...
  8. RollerRobert

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) $25 toony portraits - 3 slots!

    See the post on FA here! Note me on FA or comment here or on the post to claim a slot. I'm aiming to have a week turnaround for these! 3 slots are available ^^ Paypal only please, price is in USD.
  9. RollerRobert

    Free Art: gimme ur ocs

    I'm gonna do some drawing before getting back into commission work! no guarantees for anyone of anything, no nsfw this time round though I like drawing big cats and bunnies and characters that have the Vibes™ just throw your ref sheets and a few words about them?
  10. RollerRobert

    Critique: critique my latest piece please?

    I'm still fairly new to digital painting and am quite proud of this! However, certain aspects (such as detailing and shading) are still difficult for me. Could someone point out things that could be improved in this piece (not only painting specific things, perhaps anatomy and the like as well)...
  11. RollerRobert

    (Commission) Selling: Cute commissions! (£5-£25+)

    Heya! My commissions are open, I have a lot of free time over the summer so turnaround time is currently very quick, come check my art out! Artwork Gallery for RufusIsTrueBeauty -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My commission info can be found here: www.furaffinity.net: Commission status: OPEN --...
  12. RollerRobert

    (Commission) Selling: (£5 - £25+) NSFW sale!

    I recently became an Adult™, so I'm having a NSFW commission sale - all NSFW pieces are 20% off :D Here's my commission info: www.furaffinity.net: Commission status: OPEN -- RufusIsTrueBeauty's Journal Here are some SFW examples:
  13. RollerRobert

    (Commission) Selling: ($5 - $30+) Roller's commissions - come take a look!

    Heya! I'm RollerRobert, and here are some recent examples of my art ^w^ Commission info: www.furaffinity.net: Commission status: OPEN -- RufusIsTrueBeauty's Journal Interested? Leave a comment or message me, and we'll be in touch! Thank you for considering me ^^
  14. RollerRobert

    (Commission) Selling: Cute, quality commissions! ($5-$30+)

    Heya, I'm Roller Robert and here's some of the art that I make! Interested? Here's my commission info (including more examples and prices!) and of course, the terms of service (as well as my FA) Commissioning me is easy, just send me a note on FA or comment here and we'll get in touch...
  15. RollerRobert

    after a few years i finally return to these forums

    i'm going through a depressive episode and i have nothing better to fill my time with rn (plus i'm trying to not get complete and total artblock in these trying times), so show me your characters, i'll draw the ones i like! ^w^ (i adore cutesy characters, so that's a hint if you don't know who...
  16. RollerRobert

    Animation Pricing Advice

    First off, I'm aware you're not meant to ask people to price your work here - I'm not asking for that, I'm looking for advice on how to do so myself. With that out of the way, here's the deal: I'm thinking of making a hand-drawn animated YCH, and was snooping around comparing prices to see what...
  17. RollerRobert

    Art trades, accepting all skill levels! [Closed]

    What I'm offering: A badge or "painted" style bust (two examples of each are attached) - you can choose the motif, expression, etc! What I'm asking for: Art of either... Fleur: www.furaffinity.net: Fleur Ref by RufusIsTrueBeauty Ulara: www.furaffinity.net: Ulara Ref by RufusIsTrueBeauty How you...
  18. RollerRobert

    Seeking some critique!

    Specifically on this image (warning, it's quite large when viewed fullsize): rufusistruebeauty.deviantart.com: Selfie Redraw This drawing was a lot of firsts, namely: first time doing lineless, first time putting this much detail into fur, first time doing a selfie draw-over, and first time...
  19. RollerRobert

    $5-$30 toony comms, including ref sheets, pixel dolls, icons, and much more!!

    I'm Rufus, a young artist specialising in cute animals and humans! Here are some examples of the kind of art I'm selling (more examples on my pricing guide here - be sure to click on the images for more information - and my galleries here on DA and here on FA) I can draw anthros, ferals...
  20. RollerRobert

    Drawing Pokesonas, Ponysonas, and Fursonas! (closed)

    Back again with another thread so soon? You bet I am!! It's all in the title - give me your refs: fursonas, ponysonas, pokesonas... And I'll pick some I like and draw 'em! I usually ask for a little more than that in my threads but I feel like I really need one where I can draw with all the...