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  1. Zweihander

    Possible line art

    I know I don't post here much but just seeing if anyone would be interested in lining a sketch piece. I've no way in amassing payment but it would be geatly appreciated if this were taken up. I'll come up with something. (NSFW) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7969109/ Thank you to anyone who...
  2. Zweihander

    Pin-up artist

    Just as the title says. Looking for a pin-up artist to do some work on my panda and possibly me. Keeping this short and simple. Fund range is about $10-$50. So post here, PM, note my FA, what have you.
  3. Zweihander

    Anyone interested in coloring?

    Would anyone like to try their hand at coloring a simple piece for me? It would be greatly appreciated. This is the number in question. M for mature: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7372966 Thank you to anyone who takes this up in advance. Characters refrence is down in sig.
  4. Zweihander

    Sharks, sharks, sharks

    I know I've asked for art in the past so forgive me if this seems a tad brash. I've been intrigued by Shark Week (little late I know) and wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in turning my fursona into a shark. I won't be picky about it but a tiger shark would seem lovely or whatever...
  5. Zweihander

    Sergal fun

    I've taking an interest to sergals lately and thought to myself "how would I look like as one...?". So I ask if anyone would kindly like to try me as a sergal just for fun. Sketch, line, etc. anything within your zone. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6404103/ Fully appreciated and thank you to...
  6. Zweihander

    Hiring artist for TF2 pin-up

    Bonuses are good, aren't they? Anyway, I'm looking for an artist that can do a good TF2 (you know what I'm talking about) styled pin up of me as the Medic. Kinky, clean, what have you. Offering up to $300 (too much, maybe?) for this so hit me with whatever you have. Post here, PM, note me on...
  7. Zweihander

    Would anyone like to draw my panda girl?

    Many years ago I made a character that was lost for some time until just recently she was found in the depths of a old drive unit. Feeling nostalgic and guily, I was curious if anyone would be kind enough to shed some new light on her. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4490501/ Anything of her...
  8. Zweihander

    In need of a colorist once more

    I've recently obtained some line art that I would like to see colored so if anyone would like to take a shot at these, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. PM, note my FA or post here. Whichever is fine. NSFW: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4261394 NSFW...
  9. Zweihander

    Need image colored. Anyone interested?

    Curious if anyone would be kind enough to color a simple image for me. Piece in question: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4246668 Any takers would be appreciated. PM, note, post here, whichever tickles your fancy. Thank you.
  10. Zweihander

    Genetic offspring

    I've had this going on in my head for awhile now and I think it's time for it to come into fruitition; I'd like to see a female genetic offspring of my chars, Sledge and Calene, primarially for my books. I'll leave it up to you on how you decide to design her; sketch, lineart, or if you're...
  11. Zweihander

    Icon and/or signature

    Alright so I have some extra money lying around (about $10-$15) to commission towards a new icon and signature. Looking for an icon of 500x500, 150x150 and 100x100. Sig will be talked about upon any takers. PM me or post here; whatever tickles your fancy.
  12. Zweihander

    Requesting avatar

    Curious if anyone would like to make me an avatar. http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.com/gainground/cyber.jpg Similar to this but with a chain whip coiled around my right arm and holding a desert eagle with a bazooka mounted on my left shoulder, wearing a black jacket. A nice menacing grin...
  13. Zweihander

    Sledge Revorse

    Name: Sledge Revorse Age: 23 Sex: Male Species: Siamese cat Height: 6' 0" Weight: 162 lbs Appearance: - Hair and fur: Crimson red, tan/brown - Markings: Flame pattern on face, bloody crucifix on back - Eye color: Silver and gold - Other features: Earring and tail ring savy, rainbow colored...
  14. Zweihander

    Commission an adult piece

    My wallets pretty thin at the moment so bear with me. I'm looking to commission a couple pic of me and a friend. It's adult rated and I have about $10-$15 max to spend on it. Digital and shaded, nothing too special. If anyone accepts, PM me here or my FA page.
  15. Zweihander

    In need of a character ref sheet

    Willing to pay $5-$15 for a ref sheet of my character. Detials will follow via PM to whomever will take me up on this request.
  16. Zweihander

    Seeking adult and clean commissioners

    Runnin' through this again. Willing to spend $5-$20 (possibly more) for commissions of my fursona. Both adult and clean will be accepted. PM me for details or reply here.
  17. Zweihander

    Seeking anyone willing

    Looking for any willing artist to fufill a simple task for me: an image of my fursona holding a guitar case disguised as a gun. Simple background and full bodied. Traditional and/or digital prefered. My funds are quite limited but I'll make due. I will go into details via PM to anyone who wants...
  18. Zweihander


    Evening. I have a favor to ask. If possible, I would like a female anthro done as a gift for a friend. Name: Calene Age: 20 Species: White cat Fur: White Hair: Down to base of tail, silver, bangs cover left eye Eyes: Left red, right blue Nose: Pink Hands: Like human hands but...
  19. Zweihander

    Furry request

    Seeking a request of a Sonic fan character. (Do people even draw those anymore?) Species:Saiamese cat Name: Sledge the Cat Hair: Purple with black streaks Eyes: Left purple, Right blue Build: Normal Clothing: Blue jeans, black shirt with pentagram on front, red shoes, two golden hoop earrings...
  20. Zweihander

    Humble Request

    I've been thinking for awhile about this. Name: Volgus Race:White wolf Hair: Silver Eyes: Red with the right one missing (no eye patch. just him covering it with one hand and a trail of blood leaking from the wound) Nose: Black Clothes: Black skin-tight leather outfit with dangling pieces of...