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  1. zidders

    Still 503'ing.

    It's been over a month now and i'm still getting tons of 503 errors. 99% of the time I try to access FA I can't. I've tried other browsers, tried accessing it via mobile, tried clearing my cookies, resetting our router, etc. No matter what I do FA is borked. I'm about ready to give up on a site...
  2. zidders

    Main Site Any way to remove the drag & drop submission box & go back to the old way?

    I haven't been able to upload anything for a week because every time I use the drag & drop box it gets stuck on 'uploading'. Yet I can create journals just fine. I've never liked drag & drop boxes anyways as it's just another layer of complexity that adds to how much time it takes for me to...
  3. zidders

    Wanting to make a muppet version of my 'sona. Any tips?

    Looking for any advice anyone might have in regards to materials and construction plus any suggestions as to websites I could check out showing me how to build a handsona :) My OC is a partially anthropomorphic kangaroo named Zid (of course) and I think he'd look great in puppet form. I've...
  4. zidders

    Logged in but for some reason when I go to view peoples profiles it says I'm logged out.

    I'm logged in. I can view my gallery, updates and even certain other peoples profiles and galleries. Then sometimes I can't. I go to some profiles and it looks like I'm logged out but when I go to log in above the login form it shows I'm already logged in. If I go to login from there it just...