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  1. Tybis

    Humorous Misreadings

    Yes, misreadings. That moment when you read something... and read it wrong. Today I was doing some exam in one of those test-booklet things. So I turned to a page that said "This page contains no test material" but misread it as "This page contains no fap material". What have you misread, FAF?
  2. Tybis

    Pet peeves

    A few days ago... I was sitting in my desk, having just finished an English test. I may have been doodling something or other in my notebook, but that's not important. What's important was the noises emanating form the rear of the classroom. Noises that reminded me of camels in intercourse. Now...
  3. Tybis

    The complications of time travel

    It happens every time I watch Back to the Future, and always annoys me to no end. You know the feeling... THIS ISN'T MAKING SENSE. I'm talking time-travel, people! Sure, it was a good movie, but I always end up overthinking just how the time-travel is supposed to work. I'm the type that stops...
  4. Tybis

    Brawl Minus

    So, this thread's for Smash Bros. Brawl Minus/general Brawl stuff (but mostly mods). But what's Brawl Minus? It's basically a mod for Brawl that makes every character crazy, but with balancing in mind. In Minus, everyone is overpowered, from Jigglypuff to Meta Knight. The mottoes of Minus: -"If...