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  1. CB Pepo

    Finally got a rough draft of my Fursona ^-^

    Heck yeah, fellow feline! He has a good simple but solid color scheme!
  2. CB Pepo

    Updated drawing of Bunny the moth

    She's a cutie! Definitely need more insects in the fandom.
  3. CB Pepo

    Puppy Cyclops, anyone?

    Oh boy Poor bab! I've seen kittens born the same way. It would be neat inspiration for a fun creepy character.
  4. CB Pepo

    My ultimate ref

    Fantastically detailed. What kind of feline is she? A lion?
  5. CB Pepo


  6. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    I think the grin remains the same regardless of emotion
  7. CB Pepo

    Sketchbook: 365 Days Challenge

    That is one intense challenge. I'm gonna try and finish a Goretober challenge this year.
  8. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    How's bout this?
  9. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    No no, the perfect way to introduce yourself.
  10. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    Goodie. Was hopin my weird would fit in with other folk's weird.
  11. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    Okay, that works too.
  12. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    That's fine. I like tartar sauce. Mind if I mix it with my ketchup?
  13. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    Hold up, I need some ketchup.
  14. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    That's a pretty good point. I definitely don't think Bill was able to match Tim's enthusiasm. Then again, it's Tim Curry, he's generally a huge joy on set. Even so, I still found the new IT more enjoyable. It actually managed to creep me out for one. I enjoyed the style better, even for...
  15. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    Thank you :)
  16. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    Sadly, I have not seen the original. Though I do want to. I hear a lot how great it is, especially compared to that silly remake. There are many black and whites that I wish to fall back on, including the silent move Nosferatu (1922).
  17. CB Pepo

    What's it like to hide that you are furry.

    Don't really hide it. It's just part of my art. Never saw it as something to hide. It's just a fandom. All these extreme animosities towards it are kind of ridiculous.
  18. CB Pepo

    share your cat-sonas!

    Good evening.
  19. CB Pepo

    Time to draw blow flies.

    Time to draw blow flies.
  20. CB Pepo

    A Cat.

    Good. Hyperdontia is best choice. Short stories are enjoyable. I never have time to sit and read, so I tend to get my stories in the form of horror podcasts, like the No Sleep Podcast.