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  1. neku-neku

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Rolf (charater auction)

    Hey there, selling a wolf i named Rolf. here's where the auction is held. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42364716/ (copy and pasted from FA post) Rules and terms >>Paypal only >>Winner must pay upfront >>Name can be changed >>Fur color (and / or clothings color) can be changed (example: )...
  2. neku-neku

    artists who saves up to $1k from commissions alone, how long did it took you?

    So i have one gadget i've been dreaming to get. i want to get a screen drawing tablet that doesn't need a computer to stick into. like i'm somewhere out in town, waiting and bored out of my mind, i'd just take my tablet out and draw. maybe make a comic strip, or sketch some characters. there...
  3. neku-neku

    Drew a vampire hunter as an adoptable

    here's the FA link https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39434441/ what do you think of this???
  4. neku-neku

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Vampire Hunter (Adoptable Auction Reminder)

    I'm selling a character on FA. to bid, go here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39152596/ SB: $40 MBI: $3 AB: $100 ______________________________________ Rules: >> PayPal only >> Auto Buyer must pay immediately in the...
  5. neku-neku

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Glee (adoptable auction reminder)

    I'm selling a character on FA. to bid, go here. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39058184/ SB: $30 MBI: $3 AB: $60 ______________________________________ Rules: >> PayPal only >> Auction will be held for 7 days. once someone start a bid, i will reduce it for 3 days. (will end in 3 days from...
  6. neku-neku

    i'm making a manga titled "Look me in the eyes"

    it's been up to page 8. it's about a dog guy who is socially awkward and can’t make eye contacts with people he talked to. a cat guy decides to help him on that. if you want to keep updated of this, here's my FA account. Userpage of neku-neku -- Fur Affinity [dot] net hope this...
  7. neku-neku

    Bearers (ych)

    I'm making my 4th and last ych for quite some time Go here for complete information and to do the bidding. www.furaffinity.net: bearers (YCH auction) by neku-neku Price Starting bid:$20 Minimal bid increase:$5 Autobuy:$35
  8. neku-neku

    "this sucks" (YCH)

    the auction is done in FA. get it before it's over 2 days from now! The full info is on the page. Go here www.furaffinity.net: "this sucks" (YCH Auction) by neku-neku *Price* SB=$35 MB=$5 AB=$70
  9. neku-neku

    Dude, want some of my coffee? (YCH Reminder)

    just a reminder. if you're interested go here. www.furaffinity.net: Dude, want some of my coffee? (YCH) by neku-neku the bidding is done there.also complete info is all there. SB=$25 MB=$5 AB=$60 Character 1 not yet bid with the starting bid! go get him as your SB!
  10. neku-neku

    anyone know this song?

    what's more annoying than having a song stuck in your head? having a song stuck in your head AND not knowing what that song is! i remember when i was like in middle schooler i was browsing song in MTV and come across this one. now i kinda want to hear it once more. i searched everywhere typing...
  11. neku-neku

    game i could play while i draw?

    can you recommend me a game i could play while drawing? (sorry for bad english yada yada bla) while drawing itself is a fun activity, i wanna do something else to get myself entertained.so is there any game i can play while drawing? (a little bit of advertising here) i recently played...
  12. neku-neku

    what do you guys think on tracing a room?

    (sorry for bad english yada yada blah) (this would be a long read.skip for last sentence if you want to tl;dr it) so i had this one guy who commissioned on me and he gave me the description and details of the art such as, two beds, messy room, blah blah blah.and so i did drew them.keep in mind...
  13. neku-neku

    commision open 2 slots (SFW only)

    Userpage of neku-neku -- Fur Affinity [dot] net additional infos seriously, go here for complete information on this. Commision Info -- neku-neku's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net never made this kind of thread before.probably the first and last time doing this (highly doubt that) note me...
  14. neku-neku


    i fucking hate drawing a guy sideways.i don't know which one to sketch first and the steps to do it. i've attached the image in here.if it doesn't shows up or the resolution is too small go here. (lol but looking at the preview it looks big as fuck) here i've finished drawing him, now what i...
  15. neku-neku

    do furry girls play morenatsu?

    well majority of people who plays it are, to be known well, guys.gay guys. you males know why you play it...it's for the FAP reason!! anyway i'm just wondering, do furry girls play morenatsu? there's no ill intention behind this question. it's kind of the same question as ''do girls play video...
  16. neku-neku

    how does commission in FA work?

    well i'm asking about commission for dummies here. one of the reason i make FA account is to have a commission. do you need a bank account? i don't have one. in the commission page, what should you do? submission id? display order? name? description? currency? fixed price? price range? slots...
  17. neku-neku

    uh hi

    like what you expect in introduction forum, i'm new here. HONESTLY this is the first board, forum or whatever i joined. so i kinda don't understand any of this. so much buttons and things you can click.(making me confused and shit) i've been a lot of forums(?)/board(?) by lurking around. anyway...