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  1. Val_Redwolf

    LF Profile picture for new Sona

    Hello! I was just looking to see if someone might be able to do a somewhat detailed profile avatar image for a new sona I am making. Price Range: $20-30 USD (Paypal) Time Requirement: As soon as possible. Format: A bust style profile picture (Head, Chest, Shoulders) looking for something...
  2. Val_Redwolf

    LF Reference Sheet Commission for OC

    Greetings! I am currently looking for an artist to draw up a reference sheet for my original character... A Male Wolf/Dragon Hybrid. For the Reference sheet I was looking for... Full body Front Full Body Back Full body Front w/ Clothing 2 to 3 Smaller "busts" for different expressions...
  3. Val_Redwolf

    Saturday Night/Sunday Morning - What are you up too?

    Hiya Everyone! I am sitting here relaxing in my apartment just drinking a few beers I set aside for tonight while I work a little on some class work and or watch some anime (currently watching the "The Ancient Magus' Bride"). I was just curious as to what you all my follow furs were up to...
  4. Val_Redwolf

    Anyone here have tattoos?

    I have quite a few tattoos and I plan on getting more. Hell i am attempting to get my next one in a about a month or so. Do any of you fine individuals have any tattoos? If so and you feel like sharing what do you got? I currently have two sleeves, and chest pieces....I need more!!! MOAR INK!!!!!
  5. Val_Redwolf

    Greetings! New to FA, FAF & The Fandom

    Hiya! My names Val am 27 year old male and as the title states I am...well new to practically everything. I have been quietly poking my head into the fandom here and there over the years and I guess I finally decided to dig a little deeper. As of right now I am attempting to study up on the...