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  1. Riho

    What is with all the locked threads in the Den?

    It's like every time I check, there's more people flooding in who don't read the rules, or are being goddamned stupid.Is it some sort of seasonal thing? Or has it always been like this and I just haven't noticed?
  2. Riho

    Could a Warhammer 40k Fan draw something for me?

    I messed this up last time, but let me try again. I'm doing a Rogue Trader game with my friends every Saturday and I would like someone to draw a picture of my character. Basically, what I did was I took my fursona Riho, beefed him up, made him seven feet tall, and stuffed him into power...
  3. Riho

    Avatar for DakkaDakka

    I recently joined the DakkaDakka forums and I have a great idea for an avatar. Unfortunately, I can't draw it due to... artistic limitations. I WOULD commission it from someone, but I'm too young to get a PayPal account. So all I can do is ask this: can somebody please draw me a picture of...
  4. Riho

    A new character for Riho's life. Hip hooray

    Quinn the Sea Otter Dedicated to PsychicOtter, because he made me do this Age:22 Sex: Male Quinn is a rather small figure, sometimes overlooked when walking through crowds. His fur is a natural brown, and he has a tattoo of a musical note on his left shoulder. . His ears are pierced with...
  5. Riho

    A good idea.

    All right, I have an idea. It'll probably make our country fifty times better. And safer. What we do, is we take all of the right-wing, Tea Party Republican, gun nut, rich, arty-farty bastards that populate the U.S. And we put them somewhere deserted and already ugly. Like the Sahara, or, even...
  6. Riho

    Little tiny chibi sketches

    If they can even be called that. But I'm willing to do TWO (2) sketches of people's fursonas, in an armless/legless chibi style. Like Rayman, but with fur and a tail! 'Xamples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10113490/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10112227/...
  7. Riho

    Pirates Vs. Ninjas: The Debate rages

    I'm back. Did you miss me? No, you didn't. Nobody misses a hyena. And nobody expects him when he comes back. NOBODY. BUT! I come back with a bang! WHO IS BETTER? Pirates or Ninjas? GIVE REASONS, NOW! Oh, and no arguing outside of normal furry ranges. Go.
  8. Riho

    Furries and you: A FLAWLESS guide for the newly initiated.

    (Please listen to this as you read: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOZu3NiBjBk) Congratulations, newcomer, and welcome to the world of being a furry! Of course, you probably haven't learned all you need to know about this lifestyle, and therefore are quite confused. What is yiffing? How do I...
  9. Riho

    Something for me and my mate

    I would absolutely love it if someone could make at least a sketch of me and my mate hugging, or at least arm in arm. It doesn't have to be colored or anything, I just want to show my mate (who lives across the country) at least a drawing of us together. Him http://i.imgur.com/lkqhlxz.png Me...
  10. Riho

    Avatar and/or User pic.

    Before I start, I'd like to thank 0dalesque again for drawing the ref sheet for me:http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9710729/ If someone could do a face shot or user pic of that, I would be EXTREMELY thankful. If using text is more of your thing, here's my...
  11. Riho

    Riho's Fursona, V2

    Decided to make a new fursona, seeing that my first was a steaming pile of cliched... rubbish. Name: Riho Age:16 Sex: Male Species: Hyena Height: 6' 1" Weight: 190 lbs. Riho grew up in the African Kalahari, a rough place by any standards: Dry, hot, and full of other things that wanted to kill...
  12. Riho

    Me Stupid, you Jane

    So I've posted in a couple free art threads in the Art Exchange forum, and I've just figured something out. FUCK I DON'T HAVE REFS. No, I'm not goddamn asking for free refs, keep reading. I am merely wondering if any of you artists are able to draw portraits using only a fursona, and no refs...
  13. Riho

    The 4Chan Furry Circlejerk: Opinions

    4Chan is a sickening, disgusting, awful place. I love it for only one reason. The furry circlejerk threads. Some people hate them, others have no idea why they even exist. Anybody else post in these horrible, addicting, super-fun threads? OH GOD RULE #1! THE INTERNET POLICE, THEY ARE COM-
  14. Riho


    From my experience, the TF2 community is NOT very nice to furries. I should know. I joined the Team Furtress community, and the amount of negative comments on my account was sickening. Has anybody else received such a negative response? Also, general TF2 thread. Favorite Class: Spah. Why...
  15. Riho

    Any furry Doomers?

    With my laptop running Vista, the only thing I can play is ZDoom. And play it I do. Russian Overkill, Brutal Doom, Action Doom, Ghouls Forest, I have essentially gone through all the great Wads Doom has to offer. Now, all I have to ask is: Am I the only one?
  16. Riho

    Riho's Fursona

    Name: Riho Age:16 Sex: Male Species: Fox/Wolf Height: 5' 5" Weight: 190 lbs. Appearance Riho, being a fox/wolf hybrid, is mainly red, but with rather strange splotches of gray throughout his body. His ears, large with many notches in the side, are a common topic of ridicule. With Riho's ears...
  17. Riho

    Riho says hi!

    This is not my first post, my first post over in the art section, begging people for templates instead of Googling it. BUT! Fear not! I will probably keep making stupid mistakes like that and not learn! So, therefore, you will all get things to laugh at until the end of my life. Anyway, I just...
  18. Riho

    I need a furry lineart tutorial

    I have tried my hand at drawing furries. The abomination of which came from my tablet pen was something of Lovecraftian horror, a thing that would make Edward Gein go "Jeez, man." I was wondering if anybody could send me some templates to base my art on. If you feel nice, send them to...