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  1. Chuchi

    Good fur shops in Europe or that ship there?

    I'm not sure if you have already or not, but check with fabrics shops or tailor shops. In the least, they might be able to point you in the direction of suppliers. Last year, my Mother-in-Law and I took a trip to a fabrics supplier for materials for a loom project I worked on. They had...
  2. Chuchi

    Looking for artists! $20-$30

    Hey there, I'm currently open for commissions and could possibly be compatible with what you're looking for! C: If you're interested, I have examples of my work here and here (both have some NSFW examples, as a forewarning), and if you'd like, you can Note me on my FA here to further discuss...
  3. Chuchi

    Thank you Joel! ♥ Also, awesome Tenna ref sheet! :3

    Thank you Joel! ♥ Also, awesome Tenna ref sheet! :3
  4. Chuchi

    I need help genderqueer maybe?

    Welcome back. c: I wear what's comfortable, regardless of what sex the target audience is. That being said, I dress up girly, or masculine, all the same. In my opinion, I don't wear girly things too well, but that's most likely because I'm chubby and have steep self-esteem issues. I prefer...
  5. Chuchi

    Eclipse at friday

    Bright and clear in Finland, keeping an eye on it with my trusty shoebox viewer. :3
  6. Chuchi

    Confessions thread

    I guess it can be said that, in the least, you've come to peace with these issues? Still, that being said, you are worth more than you might think of yourself. There are people who care about you, who like you and love you for who you are. If you want to change, change because you want to, but...
  7. Chuchi

    FAF Cultural Swap? Discussion

    Could I get you guys to tag your location in this straw poll? Just so I have a general idea of how we're all distributed. I'll probably make another poll for the mega thread, but this is to just generalize things for now. PS. Please be accurate. :P http://strawpoll.me/3898276
  8. Chuchi

    FAF Cultural Swap? Discussion

    Yes, it's a thing, I'm working on it. Please be patient. I'm (currently) the only one working on it. And I've lately had some stuff going on in my life that needed my attention more. But rest assured, I will get to it sooner, rather than later. C: ♥
  9. Chuchi

    FAF Cultural Swap? Discussion

    You know, I had this whole big post made out in response to this and halfway through, just decided "fuck it, I'll soldier on." But thanks for asking/the consideration. So disregard my 'Help Wanted' advert, consider that sign removed.
  10. Chuchi

    FAF Cultural Swap? Discussion

    Out of curiosity, is there anyone out there who is willing to take on the mantle of responsibility and host this thing in my stead? I can forward all the forms/documents and resources that I have compiled thus far. It's not that I don't want to do it, I'm moving ahead business as usual on my...
  11. Chuchi

    x3 Actually, I have Ayattar to blame for this. Based off a joke that made so little sense in the...

    x3 Actually, I have Ayattar to blame for this. Based off a joke that made so little sense in the end it turned out funny. :D
  12. Chuchi

    I'm glad to see you're back. I hope you are feeling better, if only a little. 3:

    I'm glad to see you're back. I hope you are feeling better, if only a little. 3:
  13. Chuchi

    FAF Cultural Swap? Discussion

    As far as I'm aware, we've talked quite a bit about random-pseudo random pairing, so that States don't get paired with States and that countries get mixed appropriately. Jtrekkie offered to handle this area, if I recall. I too support the fund, but without people serious about backing this, or...
  14. Chuchi

    FAF Cultural Swap? Discussion

    Just gonna give this thread a little nudge. Do we have anything else we want to discuss? Yea or nay on the whole shipping fund idea? More discussion? Thoughts, comments, etc in general? Suggestions for what should all be on the form? I am actually working on the form right now. Let your...
  15. Chuchi

    dog collar hurting neck why?

    Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't. I think it depends quite a bit on the person, their build and their tolerance levels. Maybe, after wearing your collar long enough, you will simply become tolerant of its weight and no longer get a stiff neck or anything.
  16. Chuchi

    dog collar hurting neck why?

    Assuming you're serious and not trolling with this comment: Well, it is designed for a dog. The properties of a dog's neck differ from that of a human. Consider the structure of a dog's head and neck, in comparison to that of a human's. Their collars can be thicker and heavier, because their...
  17. Chuchi

    dog collar hurting neck why?

    There are places online where you can buy collars that are made for people, and you can get them tailored to your specs. If you are wearing one on your person, and not a suit or costume of any kind, I suggest something like that. This is one place that I am aware of, but there are probably...
  18. Chuchi

    What's your dream job?

    Successful fiction author and/or archaeologist/anthropologist-caver extraordinaire. :3
  19. Chuchi

    Confessions thread

    But it's not actually a spider though! Also, I did link to an image before. And don't worry, it's l-u-k-k-i, not l-u-k-i. Important distinction in Finnish. Luki is apparently a company, not sure for what though. So there, you're not named after a not-a-spider-thing, you're named after a...
  20. Chuchi

    Confessions thread

    Nope! All of my nopes. This was while we were still LDR and I still lived in the United States. So, I convinced him to go outside, catch a lukki and eat it, all from 6,800+ km away :3 :3 :3 muwahahaha