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  1. Succulent

    Works in Progress!

    Albino Coyote
  2. Succulent

    Works in Progress!

    King Cheetah-corn in the works
  3. Succulent

    Works in Progress!

  4. Succulent

    Show me your art!

  5. Succulent

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Troublemaker {SB - $50}

    SB - $50 MI - $2 AB - $300 (AB will include a third fullbody with outfit of your choice)
  6. Succulent

    Show me your art!

  7. Succulent

    Works in Progress!

    Hellhound? Update:
  8. Succulent

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Winter wolf {open - Sb: $50 - AB: $300}

    I spent way too long on this and it's not exactly what I was picturing when I started it but I kinda love it SB - $50 MI - $1 AB - $300
  9. Succulent

    Show me your art!

  10. Succulent

    Works in Progress!

  11. Succulent

    Show me your art!

  12. Succulent

    Works in Progress!

  13. Succulent

    (Commission) Selling: Goblin's commissions - 2021 ($5+)

    Hello! Welcome to my commission thread! Status: -Open- Examples | Prices Wings, complex designs, and outfits may be an additional charge TOS Form Username: Ref: Art type: (headshot, icon, etc) Finish: (sketch, flat colors, shaded, etc) Pose/expression: (if specific) Other: Slots 1. 2...
  14. Succulent

    Hiring: Commission for Reference Sheet ($50 - $150 Budget) CLOSED

    Hello! I'm interested in draw this for you! I don't have any super recent reference examples, but here's a few I've done in the past X - X - X And feel free to check out my DA for more examples For the three poses, headshot, color palette, simple bg, and any written info, I would charge...
  15. Succulent

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Reference {Open}

    Someone had to cancel a commission, but I already had this reference sketched up. $75 Included- clean lines, flat colors, color palette, simple bg, and written info Species change is +$10 Working off description is +$10 Male, female or androgynous is fine I can change the headshot expression...
  16. Succulent

    Art Trade: Petting a kitty

    So I started this sketch for an art trade before I realized the person requested feral not anthro My bad So I'm looking for someone else to trade with who likes this pose (I'm sorry it's super rough) It will be finished like this- fully colored and shaded (and clothed if you want) If you're...
  17. Succulent

    Icon shop ($8)

    Thanks so much! Glad you like it!