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    Search [Dragon Lion Refsheet]

    Hi, I'm searching s1 to design my dralion refsheet, around 40-50 €/ $ Not something much sofisticated, I want a refsheet since I don't give my boy the love he deserves ! Show me your art if u're interested, and a discord tag if you've one, thanks you :)
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    Hiring: Still looking for primate artiste

    Hi, I would like to make a new monkey oc, so I'm searching an artist that draws monkeys, primates, etc ( who designs refsheet ofc) Show me some Fa profile please!
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    Monkey drawing

    I'm not searching for an artist to comission, I just want to watch cool monkeys
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    Monkey drawing

    Hi, I'm searching artists that draw monkey well, by well, I mean, I haven't find a lot of monkeys arts on FA , and no artist that were specialised into this race, if you've some to show me, I would be so thankfull! I'm not much in toony style tho, but semi realistic arts or well shaded are...
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    Free Art: Bordered Bust Icon Request [CLOSED]

    Actually, no ! he is perfect, I'm so thankfull, he 's really really good!
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    Request: cookies

    Yeah, be free! just ask me on FA, if u've an idea
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    Request: cookies

    lmao noooo Don't worry, I had a lot of fun watching him xDD That's better than everything I could have imagined! Thanks you, this art rocks a lot!
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    Request: cookies

    Thanks you ! <3
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    Free Art: Bordered Bust Icon Request [CLOSED]

    Heyj, I've a fews characters to propose to you, if you wants artistic freedom, it's all yours! Toumai, a Tiger https://d.facdn.net/art/cobra27/1541804561/1541804477.cobra27_181107_toumai_fa.png Pose?: salute and winking Expression: Smiling Theme?: light theme Extra Icons: What's that? Words...
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    Request: cookies

    Hi, I've a request, I would be thankfull if someone wants to draw my shark, cooking cookies he would take them out of the oven , with cooking gloves; I've more art of him here https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/snauw/folder/684140/Skurtak and the art that has given me this idea was this one...
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    Free Art: Looking to practice (full)

    Hey, I like your cute/doodle style ! I've a shark and an alligator, I don't know if they match with your style, but thanks for the chance anyway ! https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/snauw/folder/684142/Snauw https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/snauw/folder/684140/Skurtak
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    Free Art: (CLOSED) FREE requests for 2 hours

    Hey, it's my friend's new oc , a cat wolf, if you want to draw a headshot <3 feel free! thanks you <3
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    Free Art: Closed

    thanks youuuu
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    Free Art: Need examples

    Hey, can I take the reptile slot please? x3 https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/snauw/folder/684142/Snauw I've an alligator! thanks you for the chan ce !
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    Free Art: Closed

    Hey, are you interested in coloring this one please? this is his ref ! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32031906/ The jacket can be colored in blue <3 thanks you a lot
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    Free Art: Need Inspiration: Open!

    Hoo, I still have a slot <3 thanks you again
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    Free Art: Headshots~!

    Hey, this is my bestfriend's oc, I would be so thankfull if youcould make him a headshot THANKS YOU <3!