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  1. galo

    Christmas sales! cute, sexy, nasty or whatever you want xP

    I opened slots for any kind of digital commission a few days ago. There still have two slots available for anyone how want a commission. I can draw any kind of character or scenary ( but I need practice with feather wings) I will not do sketch commissions or color sketch headshots because they...
  2. galo

    A little thing (Poetry)

    Spanis version (original) Una cosa Han pasado tantos años ¿Yo? Mejor que nunca. He triunfado en todo Salvo una cosa Te sigo amando. English version (A rough translation) A Little thing It has passed so many years Me? I´m fine, better than never before I have been succeed on everything I...
  3. galo

    Do you like my style? :P

    I draw since I was 12, but just recenlty I developed and style i like it. Maybe it is too simplistic, I`m not sure, but I really like it. I wolud greatly appreciate if you give me your opinions about my style. xD I know almost every character I drew is a cat or feline, I can draw lots of species...
  4. galo

    A cat from Colombia says hello!

    My english is not perfect but I´m pretty sure that I can write well enough for you. Just be patient if my grammar isn´t perfect. ^^ I´m a writer (well... I´m finishng my degree on literature) but I don´t feel confident enough to write in english and I´m sure that submit stories on my firts...