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  1. Draakc from State Farm

    Terraria Fursona Vanity Contest

    This amazing idea hit me out of nowhere Who here plays Terraria? Whoever can best dress up as their fursona or oc post a screenshot here Cast your votes by choosing LIKE as an upvote or ANGRY as a downvote and we'll see who wins by the end of the week!
  2. Draakc from State Farm

    Better half of the lion king?

    The first half and second half feel like completely different movies so that begs the question which one's better ?
  3. Draakc from State Farm

    Guess lyrics challenge

    Easy enough, well one part is Post an unintelligible song and try to guess what the song above you is trying to say Rules: 1. no songs with literal gibberish as the lyrics 2. No googling the lyrics 3. No mumble rap, that's too easy 4. No "Guessing" the lyrics if you already know them 5. If You...
  4. Draakc from State Farm

    As a furry what's you opinion on the new Terraria Zoologist?

    As a furry what's you opinion one the new Terraria Zoologist
  5. Draakc from State Farm

    What are some obscure indie games that need attention?

    Not sure of this counts more as a book but definitely Homo Perfectus by SindriIV It was programmed with a website that also needs a lot more attention called chooseyourstory.com it was originally made for writing choose your own adventure books in except you can also add stuff like variables...
  6. Draakc from State Farm

    Do you like Sony

    They may make terrible choices as a company. But I absolutely love their products. And use them everyday.
  7. Draakc from State Farm

    Should you pop pimples?

    My parents say yes bit meh teacher says no
  8. Draakc from State Farm

    Should I get another version of Persona 3?

    I'm thinking about getting Persona 3 FES I already have Persona 2 Portable but A. That Ones a Point and Click and terrible and B. All my PSP games are digital copies Sooooo yeah Do you guys think I should Becaause I want to know if it's worth getting the fes version if I played The Second floor...
  9. Draakc from State Farm

    Which version of Links Awakening should I play

    As some of you may know I am marathoning every official zelda media ever made in release order besides the game and watch game, game watch game, and cdi games, I'll play those as soon as I'm ACTUALLY able to emulate those, as of now I couldn't figure it out (if you want to follow my progress...
  10. Draakc from State Farm


    Everybody has had wierd dreams lately I thought it would be nice to make a thread to submit them in. So why not try talking about the wierdest dreams you've had.
  11. Draakc from State Farm

    Yo mama jokes

    Simple just make up a yo mama joke and post it here Why? Well after some thinking I've begun to realise; Yo Mama is… more than just yo mama. Did you know that? Have you ever taken the time to examine her soul? Her hopes? Her dreams? Her fears? All the complicated, messy, and amazing stuff...
  12. Draakc from State Farm

    Very strange song

    This is so peculiar Can somebody please help me find more information about this song!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  13. Draakc from State Farm

    Dubs or subs?

  14. Draakc from State Farm

    What's your favorite album?

    Mine is Nevermind by Nirvana
  15. Draakc from State Farm

    Kinda random but, do you prefer Candy Crush or Bejeweled

    I prefer Bejeweled myself
  16. Draakc from State Farm

    What other fandoms have you been in?

    Didn't really know where to put this so I hope this thread is in the right section What other fandoms have you been in besides furry? Can be a sub fandom of furry Like mlp or that Or something completely separate like Undertale or anime
  17. Draakc from State Farm

    Need an opinion on a style

    I'm drawing myself as a NITW character I need to know which art style is better
  18. Draakc from State Farm

    Do you use Fur Affinity or Furry Amino more?

    I hope I put this thread in the right category I put this poll on Furry Amino too Personally I use furry Amino more myself I think it's way better but I also know fur affinity is more popular
  19. Draakc from State Farm

    Fill in the copypasta

    Simple... Just fill in the blanks in the sites newest copypasta:
  20. Draakc from State Farm

    Out of curiosity anybody here read warriors?

    I heard it's really popular among furries!