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  1. Nylak

    Does this count?

    I feel like it ought to. Hello! I haven't been here in about four years. ...Or anywhere online, actually. Good times. Any big changes? How's it hangin?
  2. Nylak


    Is this an inappropriate topic? Maybe. Whatever. A couple of my lady friends and I have been arguing over this, and since my male sexual conquests are understandably limited and I have few male friends that I can ask this without being looked at like a total weirdo, I don't really know much...
  3. Nylak

    I'm making another intro post.

    Because apparently I'm allowed back now. TRY AND STOP ME BUAHAHAHAHAHA! *runs off laughing maniacally*
  4. Nylak

    Confessing pointless crushes?

    My friend (bi) and I (fag) have been arguing about this. She has this thing for confessing her crushes to her, uh, female crush-ees with remarkable frequency (she gets crushes easily), even when she knows they're straight and that nothing will come of this other than potentially serious...
  5. Nylak

    Xbox backwards compatibility issues. New user; need help. T_T

    Okay, so I've always bummed off my friend's Xbox. Finally got my own, and now none of my old games for the original Xbox are working, including those that are supposedly supported by the 360's backwards compatibility. I have a 360 slim with a 250 GB harddrive; it's a new system, not a refurb...
  6. Nylak

    Hosting a web comic?

    Alright, I'm a newfag to comic work. I have a project comic that I've been working on for quite awhile, and while I wasn't planning on ever really releasing it I've started to change my mind (9+ months of planning and work and no one but me ever seeing it...nah). Don't want to muck up my FA page...
  7. Nylak

    Would you ever date someone with your own name?

    My life is weird. That said, there's a lot of fags around here, and/or possibly a lot of poeple with unisex names. Would you ever consider becoming romantically involved with someone who happened to have the same first name as you, or would that just be way too weird to be tolerated? >__>...
  8. Nylak

    Character age.

    Okay, this thread could probably belong in half a dozen forums on this board, so I'm sticking it in here...since I'm actually curious and would like to see some opinions/comments. Sorry this is a little unorganized; I'm not quite sure how to say what I'm thinking. >_>; But I'm wondering...
  9. Nylak

    Greeting the Newbies.

    Okay, all you longtime FAFers, listen up, because this is for you! We love it when you stop by and say hi to the new guys. Help make them feel welcome, give some advice, the whole shebang. But please keep in mind that it is not your job to try and terrify the hell out of them, or harass them...
  10. Nylak

    How competent are you at your job?

    Poll coming. Whether you're in a professional career, a part-time job, or are a student (I guess school is a job xD), how do you rate your performance based on those of your co-workers/peers? Spoiler: I'm not curious as to how competent you guys actually are. I'm wondering how much people...
  11. Nylak

    Do you FA/FAF at work/school?

    I'm a bad person, and this place is an addiction. >_> (Poll coming.)
  12. Nylak

    Name that pit bull rescue! ...Help please. >_>

    Sorry, this is kind of a random post, but I need help. So I’m starting a very small pit bull/“bully breed” rescue, and it needs a name before I can submit my licensing/certification application. Aaaaand all the good ones have been taken. SO I NEED THE HELP OF ALL Y’ALL BRILLIANT...
  13. Nylak

    Confessions Thread

    Due to a personal request and the fact that the previous thread was so popular, I'm revamping the Confessions Thread here, but with a catch. Serious posts only, please! No spam posts or nonsense confessions, and try to be courteous to your fellow forumgoer. This doesn't have to be a hugbox...
  14. Nylak

    Hey you fags!

    I've noticed that fur, uh, fags don't really seem offended by the derogatory term "fag," but anyone else in the LGBT community will explode if that term comes up even in jest. Now, I've been amongst the furries long enough that "fag" doesn't seem that offensive to me anymore, and I find that I...
  15. Nylak

    Long distance relationships...

    ...seem to be a staple in this community, I've noticed. I mentioned in the comment section of a painting I uploaded awhile back that I was in a long-distance relationship at the time (since I had moved to go to school), and got a huge amount of comments along the lines of "Hey, I totally know...
  16. Nylak

    Guidelines: THE BLUE NOTE: Posting Guidelines

    The Blue Note is a forum designated for musicians and songwriters to discuss their craft, just like Palette Town is a forum is for visual artists. It is not for the discussion of general music appreciation, such as favorite bands, genres, songs, etc. Such topics should be left in The Tube...
  17. Nylak

    Uhm. Maybe a request or two. >_<

    I'm experimenting with a looser/toonier style than usual, and since it's rather quick and relaxing I was thinking of developing it (maybe offering it for commissions if it goes over well? but probably not). But I can only draw my fursona (and my girl's) so many times. So...maybe if you want...
  18. Nylak

    Favorite hard candy flavour?

    So, uh, I'm making candy. >_> *cough.* I have too many options for a poll, but below is a list of the flavours I'm considering out of those I have access to. I'm picking 3-5 to start with, I think, depending on how votes go. Will also be cross-posting this in my mainsite journal and...
  19. Nylak

    I need "triplet" names.

    Okay, time for a lame thread, but I need some suggestions. I just got a litter of three foster kittens, all male, all long-haired and pure black, with yellow eyes. I want to give them some kind of "themed" names, but am tapped out in the creativity department. Any funny/cute suggestions? >__>
  20. Nylak

    Stop being manwhores; this is why.

    May or may not be old news, but apparently intelligence in males is positively correlated with monogamy. So what does this say about the furry fandom in general. >_> ...Also, ladies, you can still be whores and not be stupid. Whoo!: