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  1. Cerberus326

    Is there anyone that can help?

    Is there anyone that might be willing to help with my first picture of my sona? I don't have any money to pay just looking for someone that can help with it if possible please. I can give details and have loads of time to wait for it so no rushing involved. Plus will credit the person in a post...
  2. Cerberus326

    Hey everyone.

    Well how's everyone doing this month? I missed this year at anthrocon in Pittsburgh...really bummed out about it. Heard they had a good turn out and many furry suites showed up. Well maybe next time I guess. Plus on the up note trying my hand at making my first suite and molds for a head. It's...
  3. Cerberus326

    How is everyone getting to the conventions??

    Well just wondering who is going to the up coming conventions and how are you getting there?Also where will you be departing from? Just asking because i am very curious!Lol!.... Plus if you drive through the Ohio valley area to get to Pittsburgh I could tell you guys about a few places to stop...
  4. Cerberus326

    Any in WV?

    OK well I'm new here to this furriest fur site ..Well new to it all! I've only been to two small anime conz before.. but I love both furry and anime. Also i so want to go to Pittsburgh this year too ...Keeping fingers crossed ...Things have got a little how you say it hard even working five to...