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  1. Marcl

    Free Art: Free Pixel Art Profile Pictures [CLOSED]

    Hello! So I've started to make pixel art profile pictures. The size is 64x64. I'd like to add some more to my gallery so I can have more examples and I need to practice. Check out my gallery on FA: Artwork Gallery for Marcl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net So post here a reference - something that...
  2. Marcl

    (Commission) Selling: Pixel art profile pictures

    Hello! So I am making pixel art profile pictures. Like these one: Also you can check out my gallery on FA: Artwork Gallery for Marcl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net The image size is 64x64, but I also provide a scaled-up version. While there's little space for the background, we can come up...
  3. Marcl

    Play a song to a fur above

    I know we have a thread regarding theme songs, but this time I have something a bit different in mind. Play a song to a person directly above your post. Maybe you know their favourite song and want to play it. Maybe you know what kind of stuff they like and have a suggestion. Perhaps you know...
  4. Marcl

    Advices on creating a first fursona

    OK, so I've finally got around creating my first fursona. I think I have a general idea what I want from my fursona and what path to take. However, while I'm still at the drawing board, I'd like to get some insights and advices from you all. I'd like to draw from your experience and I have some...
  5. Marcl

    Hello there everyone!

    Hell0 there! Hmm... I've been watching furry fandom for some time now. For a LONG time. Frankly, I have to admit - I like a lot of stuff that comes from furries. I'm still considering, how much I want to participate in the community, but hey, I'll consider my joining as an adventure! So here I...
  6. Marcl

    [Critique Request] Beautiful Day

    Hi there, I'm new here. I wonder if somebody would like to have a look at my short story Beautiful Day (intended for the general audience). This is a short story intended to be a kind of a fairy tale. Once a boy lost his soccer ball and gets help from unexpected passer-bys. This is my first...