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  1. Stadt

    What makes you happy?

    I'm not vegetarian, but I like meatless burgers. I like plant based chicken nuggs too.
  2. Stadt

    Are you worried you might, with time, grow out of your fursona/character?

    My OCs are a reflection of myself. My first one was Bam the Tanuki. Made when I was younger and a little more full of life. I Made Eeriee during a pretty dark time in my life. I was struggling with a lot of things. Eeriee is pretty much the sum of all my manic ups. I've been thinking about...
  3. Stadt

    What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

    Ummmmmmm I think it may have actually been Birds of Prey. Ugh.
  4. Stadt

    Open Chat

    A that's what she said
  5. Stadt


    Not celibate, but I could never see myself having sex outside of a relationship. The term nearest to what I would clump myself as being is Demisexual. I don't find people attractive. I can sometimes recognize that a person is physically attractive, but it does nothing for me as far as arousal...
  6. Stadt

    Open Chat

    Are they at least paying for you to stay at said fancy hotel?
  7. Stadt

    What topic(s) are you really passionate about?

    Splinter is a weird one, but I feel like there are probably way stranger. Like, one of my first was Randall Boggs from Monsters Inc. I've always had a thing for monsters and scalies. Also, Wolf Children is one of my favorite movies. I cry every time. I'm really due for a rewatch of Digimon and...
  8. Stadt


    Apple TV+ has a free 7 day trial and it's $4.99 a month after that. There's no way I'm going to add it in with my other services, but I'm more than happy to watch it for a week and cancel lol.
  9. Stadt

    What topic(s) are you really passionate about?

    Wings or no wings? Or are you more of a tampon fan? Okay, I'm sorry, I'll stop.
  10. Stadt

    Will do and same to you. I'm going to try to be active here again because I always enjoyed...

    Will do and same to you. I'm going to try to be active here again because I always enjoyed talking to the people here.
  11. Stadt

    Right back at ya!

    Right back at ya!
  12. Stadt

    Shower thoughts

    Considering Flagg was killed by a spider, probs not.
  13. Stadt

    What topic(s) are you really passionate about?

    Renamon is super gorgeous, so I don't blame you there haha. She's my favorite after Impmon, though I never had any sort of crush on her. I've never found myself attracted to canine characters, probably because of how I view dogs. But I always shipped her and Impmon. Baby's first ship, actually...
  14. Stadt

    What topic(s) are you really passionate about?

    I feel like Digimon was a furry awakening show. I remember my friends talking about having crushes on Matt and Tai and here my weird ass was with a crush on fucking Impmon.
  15. Stadt


    Just found the trailer for this and I'm pretty hyped for it. It comes out in December on Apple TV+.
  16. Stadt

    What topic(s) are you really passionate about?

    Dogs. I love dogs. I thought I knew a normal amount about dogs, but I apparently know more than the average person. I do have a little over 5 years experience in working for the pet care industry, 1 year a vet and 4 a pet shop. I don't like to say I'm an expert by any means because it seems like...
  17. Stadt

    Why so few primate fursonas?

    I'm already a primate and I don't like it
  18. Stadt

    Open Chat

    Really hate to hear that you guys are dealing with lay-offs. I'm safe unless the virus gets really bad again. I hope I transfer from the intro temp employment if it does. I should have transferred back in July, but the virus seems to have put all transfers back by a few months, but they have...
  19. Stadt

    Open Chat

    Best of luck and wishes to you!
  20. Stadt

    Open Chat

    I would def check what you're chances are with going full-time for the second job. I've seen too many people get lured into temp work with the hopes of full-time after the holidays end and it just goes nowhere.