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  1. RyuokoWolf

    Premade for sale

    Selling a premade fursuit I purchased that doesn't fit me. Wonderful character design but needs a lot of touch up work im not experienced to do. She was made by SpritzStudios on Etsy. Briefly worn for a couple of minutes before discovering it was painfully too small. Taking 500$ for her and I...
  2. RyuokoWolf

    Request: Draw my new girl?

    Hello! I just adopted this cutie and would like more art of her! Her name is Roxanne and she is an exotic dancer :> I don't have reference of her clothes or more because this is the only art i have of her I was wanting her to have ruby red claws. And clothes black skinny jeans with a red crop...
  3. RyuokoWolf

    Have you ever regretted a commission?

    -Please don't name names or callout artists/fursuit makers- Have you ever paid someone to make you something expecting it to be cool and then it looked like shit, but you also didn't have the heart to complain. Especially if artists didnt let you approve wips.
  4. RyuokoWolf

    What would you pay for my art?

    I know asking people to price your art is rough, and pricing other people's art is rough. I just wanna get a vague idea of what I should shoot for when I update my prices, because I know I am undercutting myself when it comes to what I charge. Here's what I could offer, and a rough guess of how...
  5. RyuokoWolf

    Michiana Furries?

    I want more IRL fur friends so I was wondering how many furs live in Southwest Michigan or in the South Bend, Indiana area :)
  6. RyuokoWolf

    LF friend's to play ToS with :>

    I'm looking for people who would be interested in playing Town of Salem with me. It's been a good few years since i've played it so I might be a bit rusty at first, but it's definitely a game I miss and would love to play again with some interested people! We can chat on Discord voice and such...
  7. RyuokoWolf

    Free Art: look at this garb

    I will make this of your sona, thank you. only when im bored
  8. RyuokoWolf

    Forum Signature Images

    Why was the ability to use signature images removed?I can understand if it was because of abuse with huge images? But i'm certain there's ways to code them so it cuts off anything outside of a bounding box determined by staff.
  9. RyuokoWolf

    Makers who do heads with hair???

    HI there! I'm interested in learning about maker's who can weft wigs and make fursuits with synthetic hair? I have a maker in mind who i'd love to make my suit, but she's currently taking a break from making heads. So I kinda just wanna get a feel for it y'know? Example of what I mean is in the...
  10. RyuokoWolf

    Looking for a casual partner

    Hi there, i'm looking for someone to roleplay with me! I roleplay furry, MLP, or Hetalia. -I'm okay roleplaying NSFW themes, any type of nsfw themes will need to be discussed in private :) as I'm not okay with everything My preferred partner will do at least semi lit, at least two or three...
  11. RyuokoWolf

    Price estimates?

    Not currently wanting to hire an animator, but I wanted to see the community's opinion on what a proper price budget would be if I wanted to hire some to animate my oc singing a song. I know, animation is pricey and a lot of effort is put into it. What are the common rates people who create...
  12. RyuokoWolf

    Request: Birthday art?

    Hello! My birthday is on the 19th of this month. I was hoping to maybe get some artwork? (Obviously you arent required to reply and it doesnt bother me to not get stuff ^^) All of my character references are easily available here -> Boop If you want feral, human, MLP, or pokemon oc's feel free...
  13. RyuokoWolf

    Request: New sona wanted

    Hi, I've been wanting to have a new character. I'm highly interested in having a Giant Anteater character. I don't see them often and have always been fascinated by how cute they are! The design would be all up to you. I don't even know if I want them male or female! :> So, if you feel like...
  14. RyuokoWolf

    Free Art: Colored Sketch warmups

    I'm picking your characters to sketch so I can warm up before commissions :> I will pick and choose, not everyone will get art. I will leave this thread up to come bacm to as well! Here are examples of my art And these are what the colored sketches will look like
  15. RyuokoWolf

    Request: Draw my characters?

    Artwork Gallery for RyuokoWolf -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I would appreciate any and all art. NSFW is okay! Feel free to throw characters together as well. I might also return art with colored sketches ^w^
  16. RyuokoWolf

    PWYW Avatars and Pixels

    Hello~ I am offering PWYW for some avatars or pixels. Some info: Avatars are a choice of flat colored, cell, soft, or blend shaded. Avatars are bust up only Pixels are in chibi style Pixels are cell shaded or flat colored only Terms of Service This is more of a quick terms rather than a full...
  17. RyuokoWolf

    Full Body pose practice

    I wanna practice my poses so, send a ref and a pose (preferably as a picture) you want done then i'll look at your character and maybe do them in that pose. Will only be sketches, maybe more if I like how it goes. No super easy poses (arms crossed, just standing with arms to side) Sketch...
  18. RyuokoWolf

    Cryptid oc's

    Hi! I'm looking to see if I can get any art of my old cryptid oc's. You can update the designs or make them in more your style. I'm hoping to get as many as I can, you can draw sketches to full out pics, it won't bother me! You can find all of my oc's in this folder =>...
  19. RyuokoWolf

    Looking for art trade/collab

    I have an idea for art.. and I was wondering if anyone who's good with skulls would be up for an art trade/collab/(if none else works) commission. So the idea is Maddi with the Wendigo gripping her head with his long claw like fingers, her hair is a bit messed up from the grip. Her face filled...
  20. RyuokoWolf


    So I finally have a groove back into drawing and I wanna do some free sketches. I'll pick some characters and sketch them, how much or how detailed depends on the character~. I'll also do some human characters if you want. Here is an example of a sketch I just did...