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  1. Fallowfox

    Shower thoughts

    If light interacted with their retina it would be visible. So invisible people must be blind anyway.
  2. Fallowfox

    Blep or Mlem?

    Unexpected fart.
  3. Fallowfox

    Thread of breads

    Lavender flatbreads yesterday, which I served with stuffed aubergines.
  4. Fallowfox

    Does anyone have advice on moving to Canada?

    Moving to another country doesn't necessarily mean you will be included under their health system. Immigrants to the UK have to pay extra taxes to be covered, compared to British citizens, and immigrants to many western European countries have to demonstrate they are healthy and seek private...
  5. Fallowfox

    Does anyone have advice on moving to Canada?

    What is causing you to want to move? There may be a more direct fix than moving country. I'm only considering moving country if I *have* to, because it's a stressful process. Just reading the entry requirements for different countries puts my head in a spin.
  6. Fallowfox

    Good Memories You Have In The Fandom

    Save me, Jesus.
  7. Fallowfox

    Good Memories You Have In The Fandom

    ...good sfw memories? :{ good nsfw memories. >:}
  8. Fallowfox

    Your country doesn't exist anymore

  9. Fallowfox

    Do animals have souls? Your thoughts!

    I'm not convinced there are souls. There is a gradient of self-awareness across animals. While we might like to imagine that humans or apes possess souls, maybe koala bears and dogs, the idea becomes nonsensical as you begin to ask whether tunicates, starfish, pterobranchs, sponges or...
  10. Fallowfox


    The 2-factor system still doesn't appear to be sending verification codes for login.
  11. Fallowfox


    The forum has recently stopped sending 2-factor verification codes. Is the system functioning as normal?
  12. Fallowfox

    "We do not believe you are a good match for our community"

    I have been living with Dragoneer in the woods for 2 years after I gave up all my Worldly possessions to devote my life to Zlorp. I can confirm it is not a cult.
  13. Fallowfox

    Open Chat

    Do you use 2-factor?
  14. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox feedback thread

    My goodness this thread is 4 years old.
  15. Fallowfox


    Replying to this, I can see that there are still adverts with sexual content. Maybe it would be best to deactivate the forum advert banners until sfw mode is functional.
  16. Fallowfox

    Open Chat

    Furaffinity forums was very slow sending out login confirmation code today. All okay with the site?
  17. Fallowfox

    Thread of breads

    Artichoke and pepper pizza.
  18. Fallowfox

    Cream in coffee or tea

    Splash of milk.
  19. Fallowfox

    Cool extinct lads

    There's a giant track-way in western Scotland where one of them crawled over wet sand and it got fossilised. If you're ever out there/live near there.
  20. Fallowfox

    Open Chat

    Anybody have any feedback on what number of job applications they made before finding a successful one? I've made 2, which were quite energy-intensive because they required fully prepared research proposals so they took about a month of work to prepare. I'm moving on to applications 3 and 4.