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  1. luffy

    post your characters!

    I'm crossposting this to my art acct, but post your characters! I actually have an itch to draw??? Feral or anthro is fine. This is artistic freedom - please include whether or not you are okay with NSFW pinups.
  2. luffy

    Important: Forum Dark Theme! Feedback & Usage

    Hi, everyone! I recently had a generic dark theme installed onto the forum, and I spent some hours customizing it today to make it similar to the "Slate" layout on the main site. I've just enabled it for regular members so that you can both a) start using it, and b) help me find things I...
  3. luffy

    Forum Downtime 11/12

    Hi guys! Sometime tomorrow we will be updating the forums to the most current version. This is a simple one-click upgrade, so we will not experience downtime like our last software upgrade. It should take just under an hour, but we do not have an exact time that it will happen. Thanks!
  4. luffy

    Guidelines: Off Topic Forum

    Welcome to the Off Topic forum. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines before creating or replying to topics. Acceptable Off Topic content: General shenanigans and friendly banter. Have fun! Unacceptable Off Topic content: Please do not make topics which are nonsensical...
  5. luffy

    Guidelines: Art Sales and Auctions Forum

    Hi there! Welcome to the Art Sales and Auctions forum. In order to best utilize this forum and to present your content in the most efficient manner, please review these topic recommendations. Acceptable Art Sales and Auctions content: Advertisements for art services (literature, visual...
  6. luffy

    Regarding the Removal of the Political Forum

    Hello everyone, The political forum has been removed. Politics are no longer permitted on the forum after careful review of the discussions that were previously generated. World news and health may be discussed in the General Discussion forum. Political discussion stemming from these topics...
  7. luffy

    (Commission) Selling: Discount Experimental Wing-it Commissions! $5-20

    I really wanna work on doing some experimenting and figured I could offer these up for this weekend! To be clear, and so you know (kinda) what to expect, I will be experimenting with coloring/shading/lighting techniques AND bits of my anatomy. It will still be around what I offer now so you're...
  8. luffy

    (Commission) Selling: Luffy's Commissions! ($20-$70, $120-$150 References)

    I'm a highly flexible artist and have worked on pre-existing characters and character designs before with step-by-step work in progress pics the whole way. :) I've helped people design their characters pretty frequently and love doing it. In the off chance that you aren't pleased with the...
  9. luffy

    Style interest check - which should I work on?

    Hey guys, just wondering if there is any interest in the following styles being revived? I'd be reworking them to make them more manageable for me, but also wanted to gauge public interest. Here's a poll, but if you could also leave some feedback I would appreciate it! Which style interests you...
  10. luffy

    Guidelines: IMPORTANT: Update to Art Sales and Auctions Rules - Titles must include price!

    Hello everyone! We have made some changes to the Art Sales and Auctions forum rules that help with the functionality of the forum and also consolidate our terms. Please see the new rules here: forums.furaffinity.net: 10/15/2017 Art Sales and Auctions Rules (PLEASE READ) Most notable of our...
  11. luffy

    Forum the forum bots sure are curious...

    I was looking through activity and thought these were pretty funny.
  12. luffy

    Guidelines: Clarification Regarding the Block System & Protocol

    Please note that this thread pertains only to the forum, and that the main site is not affected by this. There has been some confusion about our block system's functionality, our protocol when it comes to handling these issues, and how the rules are laid out for the forum. This thread's...
  13. luffy

    Important: Changing Your Username

    Hello everyone! Go here to change your username: https://forums.furaffinity.net/account/account-details NAME CHANGES ON THE MAIN SITE ARE UNAVAILABLE. There is not a system in place that allows us to do this easily; however, it is a feature that we would like to see in the future.
  14. luffy

    yiff artists: does your family know?

    Thought this would be interesting to ask :P I'm pretty open about drawing big furry doinks. I show coworkers if they are chill/interested and tell anyone (except my grandma, oh my god). People don't generally have negative reactions except for the ole "egh what the fuck?" look. I think the...
  15. luffy

    Devilman Crybaby

    Spoilers in spoilers please! Not gonna lie this whole thing has thrown me for a loop. Was not expecting any of it. lol Anyone else watching it?
  16. luffy

    Forum Prefix Updates!

    Hey guys, Just letting you know, in case you notice and are curious, we've made some changes to topic prefixes. Let us know if you have any questions! Thanks! EDIT: If you had a topic with a tag, I apologize, but it was removed with the update. Please re-tag your posts, though I'll go...
  17. luffy

    Guidelines: General Discussion Forum

    Welcome to the General Discussion forum. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines before creating or replying to topics. Acceptable General Discussion content: All topics that cannot be related to other forums, such as your random daily thoughts, world news and health topics...
  18. luffy

    Guidelines: Art and Illustration Guidelines - Please read before posting!

    Welcome to the Art and Illustration forum. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines before creating or replying to topics. Acceptable Art and Illustration content: All topics related to the visual arts that do not have to do with sales, tutorials or critiques. Discussion of...
  19. luffy

    Free Art: I need your help. [Free Art]

    I am having the hardest time getting back into art. Everything I draw feels so stiff, and I can't think of any ideas. So, I was wanting to request that you all post your characters (female or femboy only) with a very detailed description ([N]SFW) of what you would like. I'm not looking to do...
  20. luffy

    Guidelines: Community Discussion Forum

    Welcome to the Community Discussion forum. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines before creating or replying to topics. Acceptable Community Discussion content: All topics related to the furry community, whether or not it is relating to Fur Affinity itself. Unacceptable...