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  1. Chomby

    Today marks one year since I joined the forums

    I know it's nothing to really celebrate, but it's exciting for me. I joined this site on March 25th, 2020. A lot has changed since then. I first joined with a drake named Jack as my fursona. I don't know if anyone here remembers him though. lol The reason why being here this long is exciting is...
  2. Chomby

    Request: Crystal Ghost Dude

    Are you bored? Do you like skulls and gradients? Do you like that gay energy? Fashion? I just got this amazing guy and I love him with all my heart. If you have the time/energy and this guy catches your eye, feel to draw him! It can be anything, which includes sfw and nsfw. Thank you for looking!
  3. Chomby

    Adopt Opinions

    DISCLAIMER: This is not a rant on everyone who doesn't like and/or aren't into adopts. This is only about people who make comments similar to the ones I used as examples when the situation didn't call for them. You thought this would be your typical discussion about adopts/adopt artists when...
  4. Chomby

    Drake Meme With My Fursona

    I was bored today so I decided to make this meme with my sona, Ash. Feel free to use it! I'd love to see some memes with my boy! Enjoy!
  5. Chomby

    Making furry friends on Twitter?

    I'm thinking of making a furry Twitter account. After reading some articles on how to make friends on there, I'm under the impression that gaining attention isn't all about making posts; it's also engaging with/starting a discussion on other posts. I think I have that right. I don't care about...
  6. Chomby

    I renamed my fursona

    Asher is just "Ash" now. Very exciting news. This is all I have to say. Please flood me with your likes and comments. Bye. Bababooey.
  7. Chomby

    Can someone explain the musk fetish to me?

    Is it the attraction to a natural, clean body smell? Body odor? Not showering for days or weeks? Seemingly nobody online really explains it. Where is the line? What is it exactly? I don't have the fetish myself but I know a lot of furries do. What is the appeal? If furries with the fetish...
  8. Chomby

    Request: Would anyone be interested in drawing my fursona with my missing cat, Bobber?

    Hiya. You may have seen my posts in the vent thread lately, but maybe not since vents can be a total bummer for people in a good mood. With my cat going missing, things have not been so great... I've lost my baby, Bobber. I feel now that after 8 days, and with no leads or scans of her...
  9. Chomby

    Day Drifters Fan Discord Server!

    Hey hey! There's this wicked open species that has been my favorite for a long while. They go by the name of day drifters and their owner/creator is Kedlead on DA and Amino! They are interdimensional beings that wear masks and bandages to keep themselves together. Some can become corrupt if they...
  10. Chomby

    Any furries not far from Olympia, WA?

    I live 23 mins from Olympia. I'm just saying Olympia because I don't want everyone to know the specific small town I live in. Lol Questions: Are you okay with coming to me? Like to my house? (I'm not agoraphobic I just can't drive yet.) Are you introverted? Are you okay with just hanging out...
  11. Chomby

    Request: Anyone bored and feel like drawing a colorful monster?

    Hello! It's been a while since I made a request thread. o3o I'm just gonna put this up and see what happens. If you make art of them, I'll be extremely grateful and I'll keep it always, like I do with all art I get! This is Prisma. He's a colorful dude I just adopted today. You know when you...
  12. Chomby

    How can writing be free and fun for me?

    So... I already make and commission art of my characters, and I love visual art, but part of it feels... Empty. Unfortunately I don't like to write further than a bio and I don't like to roleplay, which sucks. I feel like I'm neglecting important pieces to make my characters whole, but when I...
  13. Chomby

    Dusty and his son, Asher Briggs

    Hiya! So, I don't think I've made a thread quite like this before, but I figured this would be the perfect place to talk more about my fursona Dusty Briggs and a new character I designed that's his son. I'm by no means a writer, but without further ado, let me explain Dusty's backstory...
  14. Chomby

    Forum How should I go about this if I'm allowed?

    I'm looking to find a nsfw artist and someone's character to pair with mine. We'd both pay half of the commission. Am I allowed to look for this here? Where and how should I go about it? I just wanna make sure not to break forum rules.
  15. Chomby

    So... I freakin' love this guy I got. Got any name ideas?

    I just bought him from this artist: https://www.instagram.com/heisara_spec/ His original name was Zayga, but I'm looking for something different. He's male. General vibe I get from this character: cool-headed, introverted, caring, doesn't quite know who he is, mysterious, wary, brave...
  16. Chomby

    Forum Being able to have animated profile pictures?

    Lots of forums allow animated gifs to be profile pictures, including FLO. Would that be hard to implement?
  17. Chomby

    Five Geek Social Fallacies

    So... I was just browsing Kiwi Farms to see what the antifurs talk about in regards to furry drama and depravity. I don't have an account there nor am I implying furries are depraved. Just certain ones like the pedos and zoosadists, ya know. A lot of the events they talked about were...
  18. Chomby

    I don't know if I want a fursona anymore

    So... I've been thinking for a while about this. I'm wondering if anyone has or is currently going through it. I'd say overall I have pretty low self-esteem. I don't like myself as a person. I know people can feel more confident/better about themselves when they use their fursonas as their...
  19. Chomby

    Art Trade: Looking to trade art for unusual/scary characters

    Hiya! I'm a sucker for OCs with strange and spooky designs. I'm looking for more characters like this, so I'm willing to make art for them in exchange! Feel free to offer and I'll let you know if I'm interested. Examples of my art are below: Thanks for stopping by!
  20. Chomby

    Forum Adopt Pricing Inquiries?

    Is there a place where I can ask about adopt pricing? They're hard to price and community feedback would be very helpful, especially for niche adopts like mine.