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  1. Foenixblood

    Help name my Dutchie (poll)

    I just finished the color pattern on my Dutch Angel Dragon and need help naming him. Ill consider most names, but would favor it more if it has least 1 odd letter (Z,X,V,J). Here is the ref sheet www.furaffinity.net: Dutchie sona secondary by Foenixblood
  2. Foenixblood

    Calling all gryphons

    Just want to see how many gryphons are here.
  3. Foenixblood

    Art advice

    I have been getting really into drawing and sketching and was wondering if there were any art supplies that I should consider getting. I currently have a mechanical pencil and a basic set of colored pencils, but other than that, not quite sure what to get and what would look good.
  4. Foenixblood

    Game: bad genies

    this was something I saw from a rp forum my friend was on and it was really fun. How it works is that you "grant" the wish on the furry above you, but not as they expected. Just make sure to keep the responses PG. When done, put your own wish down and wait to see what you get. Tip: use any...
  5. Foenixblood

    First fursona

    I'm new to this and I think I have a decently made fursona. It's still a WIP but it seems pretty good to me. Any suggestions for a proper name or changes would be appreciated. Name: currently using the working name Foenix Species: phoenix griffin hybrid Fur color: mostly azure with teal on the...