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  1. Slytherin Umbreon

    Holy shit, Octopath Traveller is on sale for 50% off on Steam

    It always seemed like an amazing game, probably worth that (pre-sale) price line, but that's just soooo damn much. This drops it down to a more normal price range, if that helps anyone o/
  2. Slytherin Umbreon

    Good News, Everyone!

    Feels like lately, all the news is "Something, Something, WW3! Something, Something, Doomsday Virus!" Good things happen too, post some. Nothing political/controversial, this is not in politics for a reason. (and also because I'm not sure if a BYO News thread would even be allowed in...
  3. Slytherin Umbreon

    My poor Grandma tried some of my Hot Sauce...

    Pray for her Soul. Also, shortly after that, I had some of her watermelon and nearly choked to death. So I guess we're literally even. **also general Spicy Heat Appreciation Thread?**
  4. Slytherin Umbreon

    Scoob and Shag changed my life.

    You can thank me later, first consume the shit out of this. www.webtoons.com: Scoob and Shag - Mayo
  5. Slytherin Umbreon

    Ohey, Magc spoiled new cards, I wonder wha-

    Owo Voar me Draggy. Magic the Furrying
  6. Slytherin Umbreon

    I went and looked up the games Asobo made before Plague Tale

    I thought Plague Tale: Innocence was part of a series, because of the multipart name and all, so I went and looked up what they made before... They have a few more games on wikipedia, but the majority of it is still Disney-Pixar. How do you go from Disney-Pixar to desolate wastelands like...
  7. Slytherin Umbreon

    Oh my God, just noticed that I can customize my new tab page

    minute of fiddling later, I have a puppyena about to nom the search bar~<3 God I needed this wholesomeness in my life today. Praise be to Chrome \o/
  8. Slytherin Umbreon

    Endgame Spoiler Thread!

  9. Slytherin Umbreon

    Can't stop gushing over the trailer for MTGs next pack.

    I can't believe that's a thing, btw.
  10. Slytherin Umbreon

    Limping back in...

    So... The army went about as well as I should have expected -3- Ugh, Fuck I've been trying to write this for awhile :x I got a medical discharge. I thought I wanted to talk about it, but that was a mistake. Hey, everyone o/
  11. Slytherin Umbreon

    I'll see you guys next Christmas o/

    I'm leaving for Basic training either tomorrow or the day after, just wanted to get this up in case. Now, we're gonna miss a lot of Christmas together, but wouldn't you know it I'll be getting back just in time for Christmas in April! :u Ya'll mother fuckers better be getting along when I come...
  12. Slytherin Umbreon

    Pet Sematary

    Finally the furry horror movie we've all be waiting for.
  13. Slytherin Umbreon

    Let me be the first person of 2019

    To wish you a Merry Christmas, Dear! (Y)
  14. Slytherin Umbreon

    V is for Vo...

    Venom trailer
  15. Slytherin Umbreon

    Potential Cloverfield Videogame?

    A second ago, I google searched the Bad Robot logo to meme at Nexus and I stumbled across this. www.pcgamesn.com: Star Wars director J.J. Abrams is going to start making games Went and looked up other articles to confirm it I'm just gonna link to the search because I'm lazy Cloverfield 4...
  16. Slytherin Umbreon

    I'm confused.

    And, I think... Slightly aroused :s Make it stop.
  17. Slytherin Umbreon

    Oh my God, I bought a new laptop

    Holy shit, it's so refreshing how fast and clean everything is loading. I haven't even gotten to doing anything yet and I'm already hype :u Another 1o of moving everything from one computer to the next via USBs though, lol
  18. Slytherin Umbreon

    Sheep and Wolves review

    Well this was a fun watch.
  19. Slytherin Umbreon

    Just saw a comercial for Dark Souls poting to Nintendo Switch

    It feels so weird... I mean,it makes sense, and my OCD is glad to see them make smart business decisions like finally noticing their older playerbase, but... It feels so weird... :s